#JonathanMustGo: Boko Haram Sponsors Allegedly Using Jonathan As Remote Control, Nigerians, Wake Up



Oct 30, 2014 – #JonathanMustGo: Boko Haram Sponsors Allegedly Using Jonathan As Remote Control, Nigerians, It Is Time To Wake Up

Yesterday a whole battalions of soldiers fled for their dear lives in Mubi, the commercial hub of Adamawa after Boko Haram unleashed terror on them.

They tried their best to resist the insurgents but after sensing a higher power, they surrendered.

Nigeria has been spending non stop to combat Boko Haram, why are we not winning the war???

Recall that the senate just approved a whopping one billion dollars not naira to buy more powerful equipment to combat these terrorists and yet NOTHING IS GETTING DONE.

Our military men and civilians are dying everyday and all the Federal Government is doing is giving false promises of a better tomorrow.

Let’s ask ourselves, when will the better tomorrow come????

Over one million Nigerians have died in this non stop attacks on our soil and from all indications, President Jonathan seems incapable to handle them.

Why Nigeria Is Not Winning The War On Terrorism

The ONLY reason we are not winning this war is because of the silent sponsors of Boko Haram inside President Jonathan‘s cabinet.

Most of the sophisticated weapons Nigeria has bought in the past has landed in the hands of these terrorists??? How possible??

What happened to the 1 trillion Naira President Jonathan budgeted for anti-terrorism operations in 2014???


Nigerians,  it is time to wake up from our slumber, change is the only constant factor.. Let’s pray to God for a leader that can bring an end to all these calamities in Nigeria. IT IS TIME FOR A DESPERATE TURN AROUND.

Our graduates are unemployed, insecurity in increasing everyday in Nigeria.

We must do something we have never done before to experience the peace we have never experienced in this country. We can’t continue with the same man that has brought Nigeria into this mess and expect the same result.

Sorry to all YOU Jonathan fans out there, I voted for him and I was his number one fan but the blood-sheds Nigeria experienced under his administration is an urgent call for a change of  hand. #JONATHAN MUST GO

He may be a good man personally but the Boko Haram sponsors in his administration are the cause of trouble.

If we don’t get him out, they will keep using him as a remote control to inflict arms on Nigerians.

In order to continue their profit from the mess Nigeria is in, they intentionally avoided conducting PDP primary elections.

Nigeria, power must change hands, I don’t care who will be our next leader, all we need is peace.

We can’t continue doing the same old thing and expect a new result.

God bless Nigeria, Nigerians and friends.