Juliet Ibrahim Divorced Husband: She’s Dating IK Ogbonna, Ex-Nigerian Boyfriend

juliet ibrahim dating ik ogbonnajuliet ibrahim divorced husband

June 20, 2014 – Juliet Ibrahim Divorced Husband: She’s Dating IK Ogbonna, Ex-Nigerian Boyfriend

Another Nollywood and Ghollywood stars are about to start a dating episode similar to that of Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari.

Nollywood actor and model IK Ogbonna few hours ago uploaded an apology video begging Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim to forgive him for breaking her heart and take him back.

In IK Ogbonna’s words:
“When u realize u are only human … And ur mistakes shouldn’t define u but build u. I am sorry is not just a word .. It’s a realization that brings alive a new creation if it’s meant.”

Juliet Ibrahim was married to a Ghanaian and they have a child together. She allegedly divorced him secretly last year.

What happened to Juliet Ibrahim and her hubby? This question and many more will be answered in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, IK Ogbonna uploaded a YouTube video apologising to Juliet Ibrahim for hurting her and few hours later removed it.

Check out some romantic pictures of the secret lovers

juliet ibrahim divorced husband

Though her husband recently said they are still together but feelers in the entertainment industry claimed the couple have secretly divorced.

7 thoughts on “Juliet Ibrahim Divorced Husband: She’s Dating IK Ogbonna, Ex-Nigerian Boyfriend

  1. One prostitute two prostitute three prostitute she kept cheating husband divorces her now her younger boy toy is is cheating and she breaks up with him….and life goes on bit how does this help our economy or being back the missing girls or help our team win in the world cup?

  2. This woman is much older than Ik. Not sure what she’s doing wasting her time with him. He is a home wrecker I hope he didn’t wreck hers. She not a decent woman but she should find a more suitable man since she is now a mum

  3. madam waka past better go back to your husband and stop disgrace yourself being Ik mother thinking he is your boy friend.

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