Karen Igho Has Breast Cancer: Ex-BBA Star Has Cancerous Lumps

karen igho breast cancer

December 18, 2013 – Karen Igho Has Breast Cancer: Ex-BBA Star Has Cancerous Breast Lumps

The former winner of Big Brother Africa (BBA), Tinsel actress Karen Igho has revisited her breast cancer case on Twitter.

In the wee hours of today, Karen Igho said she was bullied few months ago by her fans when she told them doctors discovered some cancerous lumps on her breast.

For confirmation, she has finally disclosed to Twitter fans that she has cancer.

Karen Igho’s cancer news is the latest talk on Twitter as fans took to their timelines to encourage her. Some even insulted her.

It seems cancer runs in her family, Karen Igho told fans few weeks ago that her grandmother has a cancerous brain tumour.

Check out her Twitter updates below:

This is a very sad news for Karen Igho and her family.

May God heal her.

18 thoughts on “Karen Igho Has Breast Cancer: Ex-BBA Star Has Cancerous Lumps

  1. Breast cancer at what age, God forbid bad thing
    Pls start chemotherapy treatment before it spreads to other part of your body
    I pity u Karen

  2. This is a lady that attends every known party in town now she has met her waterloo
    Run to God for help because your sickness is not normal

  3. After she don drink numerous spe**s? Mtcheew…dis is a warnin 2 al doz ladies dat drinks and sucks male spe**s, dis is a disadvantage part of it :p

  4. I dnt knw hw some pple reason in this life…anybody can get cancer any point in time…[email protected] am sorry to called u a fool cox u sounds like one….keran dear..i wish u quick recovering..since is still at lump stag u can still be cured..some other stars like sasha had the same lump and was remoned

  5. I think we all as humans should show sympathy and encouragement to karen at this particular time regardless… cancer is a respecter of no age,race and or persons… it isn’t a fun disease … it is a KILLER… and with enormous pain …. we pray no one should experience it… it takes away every dignity of a victim… a sufferer becomes a shadow of themselves…. may karen and her grandmother be healed of this ailment in JESUS NAME AMEN

  6. It baffles me when some people like nazy makes stupid comments, it shows ur iq level is below -2. Cancer is nt caused by sperms. I wonder who ur teacher was or if u ever went to a school. All dis girl needs is our prayes. Get well karen.

  7. Sometimes i think that majority of people that visit this site are secondary school pupils that got their older siblings password to the net and dying to contribute just to be heard or maybe they are also abused.cancer is what you don’t pray for your worst enemy.I know that early dictation gives lots of ground for survival,Karen dear,since it was discovered early and still a lump,I believe you will be fine and free from worries soon.God will see through in Jesus name.

  8. some people will jus open mouth n talk, u dat is calling her names in wat way r u better than her, if rapture take place now ll u make heaven? she is not a virgin n ur not, so wat is d difference? were is it written dat cancer is cause by sperm n sex? fools. it can happen to any one, is jus God’s grace dat u don’t ve it. Karen dear don’t give up on God cos he wont give up on u, dis wen u need him most so plz dear release ur faith n God ll heal u.

  9. @callmenazy.. no b ur fault. its the fault of technology that allowed a prehistoric being like you to have access to the internet. na for wea u don hear say na male sperm dey cause cancer?

  10. Unemployment bad 2b sincer .I get job 4 ppl dat is mentally inbalance ,dos who enjoy wishin ppl bad wen dey ar in pains,dat can neva sympathize wt sb situation Eg pelumia ,callmenazy. Plz whil comin 4 interview com wit ur frnd dat has no sense lik u guyz.I no 2oo naira is okay 4u in a month cos if I giv u lunatics beta pay u will end up abusing ppl dat dosnt need ur help morally n financialy cos no tin in ur brain n pocket Foooollllllsss

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