Senator Yerima Marries New Child Bride, Divorces Egyptian Wife

senator yerima new child bride

December 18, 2013 – Nigerian Senator Yerima Marries Another Underage Girl, Divorces Ex-Egyptian Wife

Senator Sani Yerima who married an underage Egyptian girl named Maria few years back has sent her out of his house. Yerima married Maria at age 13 three years ago.

The ex-governor of Zamfara state reportedly divorced Maria and chased her out to pave way for another child bride.

Since Islamic religion permits marrying multiple wives, he has since picked up another beautiful girl from Egypt.

According to City People, selected people from Zamfara State House of Assembly followed the alleged Peadophile Senator  to Egypt last month for the wedding ceremony.

Senator Yerima has married another 15-year-old girl named Fathia to replace Maria.

His secrets was exposed when Maria disclosed this to the press last week.

Can someone tell me what exactly is wrong with this man.

When there are beautiful grown women all around him, he has suddenly turned into an Egyptian underage girls addict.