Karen Igho Has Moved To The US, Ex-BBA Winner Says She’s Scared Of Nigeria


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Sept 8, 2014 – Ex-BBA Winner Karen Igho Moves To The US To Live With Fiance

Breast Cancer Survivor Karen Igho Has Relocated To The United States Of America, Ex-BBA Star Says She’s Scared Of Nigeria

Several months after receiving her British Passport, former Big Brother Africa winner, Karen Igho has relocated to the United States of America.

Sources say the Tinsel actress made the decision in order to deal with the distance that has separated her and her fiance who is based in the US.

She made an official confirmation on Twitter few hours ago.

Karen also used the opportunity to encourage ladies.

See her Twitter post below:

“If God gives you a second chance in anything be thankful and use it well!!!
You are thinking and confuse on what to do.turn to God he will give you the perfect answer you are looking for!!!

This is to all my females fans.Any man that really and truly loves you,won’t make you cry or hurt.love is not meant to cause you pain..
The way you carry your self that’s how a man will treat you!!!
I’m scared for my family in Nigeria, if is not Ebola it’s Bokoharam.Lord please help us all!!!

Don’t ever wish to want be someone else cos he/she is famous or has money.not all that glitter is gold
You have to first find peace with yourself before finding peace any where
If we have togetherness things will start changing in our country.
I realise a long time a go you can’t please everybody so please yourself first
They say bless those who curse you but it’s not easy.just try you will be more happy in life!!!

It’s not worth to be friends with people who don’t want to be your friend
I’m thankful for the gift of life
This is not the end of my story,the good part is yet to come. In God I trust
When you have a near death a experience and you come out Alive,turn a new leaf and make your life worth living. Pure”