Kate Henshaw Denies Rumoured Clothing Line, Partners With Oando Foundation To Build Schools


April 2nd, 2017 – Kate Henshaw Denies Owning A Fashion Line, Partners With Oando Foundation To Build School For Primary School Students In Ewekoro Ogun State

In December, Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw was reported to have started her own clothing line however the actress has debunked the report as a mere rumour.

Kate Henshaw who recently partnered with Oando Foundation to make life comfortable for the less privileged kids in Ewekoro area of Ogun state recently had a chat with Joe Agbro Junior where she talked about her workout addiction and her other plans.

See excerpts:

You started a fashion line…

I did not start a fashion line ooo. That’s how tax people went to the woman’s shop and said Kate’s Pants is owing them taxes. Exclamation is a designer. She has stores on the Mainland and on the Island. Now, I’m doing a charity drive in conjunction with Oando Foundation to raise money to build a school for primary school students in Ewekoro (Ogun State).

Oando Foundation is committed to capacity building for school children and rebuilding schools and providing new buildings for primary schools, nursery school, secondary schools across the country. They’re in conjunction with the state government or with individuals and embassies, well-meaning people. There was this lady, Tomi of Exclamation, she approached me saying, ‘I would like to be part of it. I’m going to create a line amongst my retinue of clothing. We’ll call it Kate’s Pants.’ It’s there already. She just decided to name it Kate’s Pants.

Also, there are videos of you working out

Yes ooo. Everybody is working out, why is my own strange?

It’s like power work-out

(Laughs) I don’t understand. People around the world work out, even much better than me. I can understand that it is a novelty here in Nigeria but we’re lazy, very lazy. We just like to eat, eat, eat. We like to sit, sit, sit. In the house, car, office. We don’t like to move. But when we travel, we walk to the shops, to the train stations, we walk around. So, mine is to just get a lot of people working out and telling them that age or whatever is not a barrier.

A professional fitness trainer complained that your workout was very tough

Can you imagine? Maybe she’s doing light workout. Me, it’s heavy. I do intense workout. I’m used to it. I’m addicted totally. No shame.

Why did you begin it?

I would say in secondary school (Federal Government Girls College, Calabar), I was quite sporty. I got the prize for most versatile student. I did everything. I played basketball for my secondary school. I did hockey, volleyball, badminton, track and field, long jump, high jump. But after a while, you get to a place where you just want different things for yourself. So, I started exercising. It was scary, it was painful, headaches, malaria, body pains, everything. But, I’m glad that I chose a fit lifestyle. Like in five years, I’ve not been to the hospital or anything. No headache, malaria, typhoid – all gone.

So, what is Kate Henshaw up to this year?

(Laughs) That’s it. I also have a movie coming out. The movie is called The Women produced by Blessing Egbe, starring Ufouma McDermott, Omoni Oboli and myself.

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