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Kate Henshaw Expresses Concern Over Leah Sharibu, Boko Haram-Detained Christian Dapchi Girl

kate henshaw dapchi girls

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has lent her voice to the ongoing Fulani herdsmen crisis in the country.

She recently told Saturday Beats that it was puzzling that some set of people would take their cattle to another man’s land to graze only for them to kill the owner of the farm. She agreed that since the government had refused to do anything, the citizens should find a way to defend themselves.

Her words:

“The people would have to defend themselves. I know it is crazy but we should be able to defend ourselves, our children and family. Whenever I read what is happening in Nigeria, it breaks my heart. I grew up seeing cattle where they had to be not that you had to create a special place for them. You can build ranches in the north where they are predominant. I don’t see why you need to invade people’s farms and then you kill the owners just because you want your cattle to eat. Since when have animals been more important than human beings? That is a question we need to ask ourselves.”

“I don’t think the government should grant amnesty to members of Boko Haram. Have they paid penance for the wrongs they have done? Are they repentant? They have not even been punished for what they have done. When you do the crime, you do the time. They must be punished for what they have done first, then we can talk about amnesty.

“It is very sad that other kidnapped Dapchi children have been released except one. The government should have pulled out all the stops to get that one last girl out to make sure that their release was wholesome because you cannot leave anyone behind. Every child, every citizen of this country deserves to move around freely without fear. If one person is still being held, then your job is not complete, you have not done anything. Also, why is it that it is a Christian girl that was left behind? I would not want to go into the religious aspect because I don’t want to go into something that would be divisive. She is a young girl and a human being” .



  1. Mon

    March 31, 2018 at 5:38 AM

    Kudos for speaking out the truth,i wish you can be more courageous to gather people together and make this laudable,though Nigeria is no more one Nation.

  2. iron bar

    March 31, 2018 at 10:12 AM

    Great point .the dullard who caused traffic in lagos will never prosecute the herdsmen .people must defend themselves.supported

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