Kate Henshaw: I’m Glad Bukky Ajayi Died Without Pain

kate henshaw bukky ajayi

July 10, 2016 – Kate Henshaw: I’m Glad Bukky Ajayi Died Without Pain

Nollywood actress and fitness expert Kate Henshaw has joined AGN members mourning veteran actress Bukky Ajayi who passed on to glory on Wednesday July 6, 2016.

kate henshaw bukky ajayi

Check Miss Henshaw glowing tribute to the deceased actress:

“Madam Bukky Ajayi was always a mother. I remember shooting a movie with her in Asaba and she was incredible. It wasn’t about old age; she was just a true thespian. Even working with her on stage, it was a great time. She was overwhelmed that we took out time to come and spend some time with her. We stayed with her and we prayed with her. We laughed and made jokes.

“I am particularly glad she was honoured at Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award recently. It was as if everything was just falling into place. It was as if it was a grand exit for her. I am sure she had some sort of inkling about her passing. I am equally glad she didn’t suffer any kind of pain. She was a great woman. I am sad about this country; this is one woman that should have been honoured more than this. But it is okay. We still honoured her. She would remain in our hearts and she would be unforgettable.”

6 thoughts on “Kate Henshaw: I’m Glad Bukky Ajayi Died Without Pain

  1. No doubt she was a great woman in her field, and would be remembered by her fans but Pains of the body is nothing compare to the pains of the soul. Just hope she actually accepted Jesus Christ before she passed on otherwise, the pain awaiting her and every other person that died without Christ is a sqaudrillion times greater than the bodily pains they would have bore on Earth here.

    I rather bear any bodily pains on Earth and make Heaven through Jesus Christ than to die in peace with every media houses in the World circulating the news of my death and drawing Universal sympathy and goodwills emphaty then go to HELL.
    Jesus Christ is the one and ONLY sure way to REST IN PEACE in Heaven after death. Any other ways leads to HELLFIRE. So, stop deceiving yourself.

    I take a stroll….

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