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Kayode Odumosu Pa Kasumu Loses Passport , Unable To Travel To India For Treatment

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July 16, 2015 – Kayode Odumosu Pa Kasumu Loses Passport , Unable To Travel To India For Treatment

Nollywood actor Kayode Odumosu is gradually recovering from a partial stroke that almost took his life.

The veteran actor who battled a heart-related ailment throughout last year said his health is  better now.

On Thursday the 9th  of July 2015, he had a long chat with Encomium about his health, career and romance.

See interview excepts:

What’s the latest about your health situation now?

I give God the glory. I am much better now. Although I am still undergoing physiotherapy, its not as it used to be when I started. Now, I walk better. I thank God for his mercies and protection.

Are you enjoying your Abeokuta, Ogun abode?

Yes, of course. You can’t compare the environment here with my former area in Lagos. Everywhere is cool. The atmosphere here is conducive. I give glory to God.
The last time we had a chat with you about the house, you said you are yet to complete to taste. How far have you gone about it now?

I give God the glory, everything has been completed.

Including the boreholes?

Yes, I have water running every day. I am living better here. I will continue to appreciate all those who stood by me to this time. God will continue to bless them.

Are you still getting assistance from the public?

No, there is nothing like that again.

How do you cope?

My first born has taken up all the responsibilities. He is really trying.

You said you are walking better now, what of your sight? Have you regained that fully?

It’s not fully clear yet, but its better. I can see better now. I walk around without being guided by anybody.

What of your memory?

I thank God about that, it’s been fully regained

In 2014, you said you would travel to India for intensive Medicare. Have you done that?

Yes, I travelled to India in November 2014. They told me my coming there at that time was only for evaluation and that I would still have to check back in three or four months.

Have you done that since November last year?

No, I haven’t travelled to India again


Not that I didn’t want to go. When it was time to go for proper treatment but I couldn’t find my international passport and that of the person accompanying me. It’s a mystery to me. I couldn’t just understand how it all happened. But now, I am planning to go for another one. Anytime that’s done and I have the money, I will still go back to India. I want my health restored fully so that I can be active as before.

On a lighter mood sir, can you ‘perform’ as a man now?

Yes, of course. I have also regained my health in that aspect.

Have you confirmed that by practice?

No, I am yet to be doing anything of such. Besides, not until I sleep with a woman that I can confirm I can perform. I know my body and I understand its system. So I understand when I am agile and when I am not. I know what I can do and what I can’t do.

So, you never tested that with any woman at all?

I am not adulterous. I keep to my wife alone. I don’t know of any woman but my wife.

Okay sir, what of your wife?

Let me tell you, that’s even not my priority for now. Besides, my wife doesn’t stay with me here in Abeokuta. She still lives in Lagos.


That’s where she works. She only visits me once in a while. Just like I told you, I know my body; I can study it and understand how it functions. So, it’s not compulsory I make love before I confirm how strong I am in that aspect.

Going by what you went through when the ailment was at its peak and now that the breeze of hope is here, are you going back to continue what you know how to do best has blown. How does that make you feel?

In fact, I am the happiest person right now. I am so grateful to God about that. I never envisaged I could be this better again.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tewase Gabriel

    July 16, 2015 at 6:22 AM

    story story, how long does it take to reapply and get a new passport

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