Kefee’s Coma Caused By Pregnancy High Blood Pressure, Preeclampsia; She Needs Miracle – Doctor

kefee pregnancy high bp

June 8, 2014 – Kefee Health Update: Singer Has Pregnancy High Blood Pressure, Preeclampsia (Protein In Urine)

 Kefee’s Coma Caused By Pregnancy High Blood Pressure, Preeclampsia; Her Survival Chance Is Slim – Doctor

Nigerian singer Kefee who suddenly collapsed on a Chicago bound plane few days ago is still in coma. Her doctor said all she needs to survive is miracle.

She has been diagnosed with a dangerous High Blood Pressure that is usually induced by pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is a condition where protein is detected in the urine of women over 20 weeks pregnant. It is a condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure, sometimes with fluid retention and proteinuria.

In a telephone conversation with tribune, the medical source said the aforementioned medical condition is what led to her collapse on the airplane.

Hear what Nigerian Doctor Adeyefa said about Kefee’s condition:

“Kefee surely did not know that she had a high blood pressure before she embarked on the long trip and suddenly went into coma in the air. That she is pregnant has made her situation dicey, so she will need a miracle to survive, a doctor told me.”

“Kefee is in a precarious situation because of the six months pregnancy. If the foetus had been nine months, the doctors would have removed the baby and saved the mother and child. As it is now, not only will the baby not survive because the carrier is in coma, Kefee may also lose her life from further complications. The chances of the mother surviving is narrow, while the kid has a narrower chance. I urge Nigerians to pray for her for a miracle because that is what she really needs.”

Please join Kefee in your prayers..There is nothing God can’t do.

43 thoughts on “Kefee’s Coma Caused By Pregnancy High Blood Pressure, Preeclampsia; She Needs Miracle – Doctor

  1. I will advise her hubby to start burial preparation
    when doctors start speaking like this then her condition in hopeless.

  2. @bezo, u are not a bliver, God wil 4give u of ur sins, there is notin prayer can not do, God gives and take, if u av notin 2 contribute, save ur MB

  3. No matter d doctors report, in Mathew 8 vs 17 it said” Jesus Himself took our infirmities and bare our sickness”. As i speak right now Kefee is gettin her quick healin n recoverin IJN. Amen

  4. Why re u guys allowing this crazy bezo to comment on this site pls I need an answer???? Heartless guy

  5. @bezo,dats very rash nd besides no1 asked for ur silly advice,they said pray for her not send ur silly advice Ozuor!

  6. Bezo, how can u wish evil to ur fellow human. kafee, I pray dats u sholud be heal in the Name of Jesus. For u hv used ur voice in His praising, u will surely received ur healness, IJN. U will not die, but u will testify to d goodness of God. I wish u well.

  7. @ Bezo,what type of human being are u? U don’t bbelieve in miracles,on whose report shall we bbelieve?Doctors or God?her life is in d hand oof God not man.I wish her quick recorvery

  8. OMG @ bezo. Do you believe in miracle? My 11yr old daughter was born premature in 2003 she was only 26 weeks at birth in john Hopkins hospital, Baltimore.Dr Ben Carson one of the best doctor in the world told us exact the same on her chances to survive. After 3 months in the hospital she came home healthy with us, she is 11yr old now with no medical challenges and doing excellent with an honor roles in school. I believe in miracles and let’s pray for her. God will surely rewrite her story with testimonies.

  9. kafee do not be afraid,you will live to dclare the glory of your enemy that shot the evil arrow to you.
    iam praying for you.


  11. Bezo you are a big fool indeed…….idiots like u will be the first to accuse the hubby of ritual killing when she eventually dies……..foolish talk indeed, when someone close to you experiences this kind of problem you can start making burial plans…….only a foolish human will just loose hope cos of a doctors report like this….

  12. Bezo u are mentally disturbed, ur comments should nt be allowed on this media anymore. There’s a very good place they treat mad people like u in SA, its called weskopies. I will book a bed for u asap!

  13. Who is dis stupid nd bastard call bezo u re just nothing but idiot fool u should be first name moron

  14. I strongly believe there is no medical problem that Dr. JESUS can not handle. With God all things are possible. Sister Kefee Receive ur healing in Jesus mighty name.

  15. The glory of God is manifested when all else fail.Let all men be liars and God be true.she will get well in the mighty name of Jesus.let’s keep praying for her.

  16. @bezo…u talk witout a pint of sense in ur brain,I wonda wat sort of a humanbeing u r.if ur wife was in dat condition will u talk dat way,she’s carrying a child 4 chrissake…dats ao he opened his disgustin mouth asking if d abducted gal was a virgin else n hw she survived it…u r a GOAT.I pray no evil befalls u or ur loved ones.#HeartlessSenselessWazzock.if u dnt hv anitin 2 say kip shut cause really ur comment dsnt count.

  17. Let her husband go to SCOAN and collect the anointing water and use on her. I dont want her to die.

  18. I join my faith wid those dat belive dat God is a miracle one.he has always done it he will do it dis time around 4u kefee.

  19. God nor dey sleep so almighty baba don take Charge,kefee Baby d Lord is in control and he’s ur strength.

  20. The Lord has swallowed death in victory for therefore u shall not die but live to declare the glory of The Lord in the land of the living. In Jesus name.

  21. Don’t mind dis bezo guy or wateva he is called, he is just seeking for popularity and attention. Keffe may God not abandon u.

  22. God remember you are a miracle working God,the hope for the hopeless, please come and heal her. Amen!

  23. Said the doctor,not GOD and who can debate with the lord.Thank God her husband is putting their trust in God,I have witness people placed on HOSPICE CARE make a dramatic change even when their lifespan was less than 10%.

    We provide the artificial care to people to keep going but only God can heal for real.Let me believe and pray that what you guys are going through now should be seen as a kind of bed rest for both baby and mom,she must be back by God’s grace to share her testimony and sing praises to God.Is well with you Kefee.

    I hope the single guys and married men not little boys in the house will look at women and mothers with more respects,this is one of those things women go through to make the world run/rotate not counting the near death pain of the actual labour.

  24. Bezo ur situation is more then that of Keffee. Bco she is sick in coma, u r nt sick bt ur brain is in COMA. Keffee u shall not die bco I can’t wait to hear ur testimony song u will release to praise God for saving u and ur unborn child. You are heal IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  25. She is healed in jesus name(Amen)no matter wat d devil’s plan may be she is set free from boundage.

  26. **** is quite obvious that u r under a cause nd may God deliver u. My
    dear that is the doctors report not God. I pray that the Almighty God that gave u the baby will heal u perfectly IJN. You will not die, you will live to hear the cry of ur baby and your baby will hear your voice IJN. It is well with you my dear.

  27. quick recovery dear Kefee. there is nothing God cannot do. there are people who have gone through worst situations with their pregnancy and God saw them through so i decree Gods miraculous work in your life.and that child of yours shall be named miracle.

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