Kenyan Lady Who Goes Into Trance During Org**m Confesses


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January 20, 2017 – Demonic Possessed Kenyan Girl Who Goes Into Trance During Orgasm Reveals Why She Is Still Single

This lady took to a Facebook group few hours ago to reveal why men often get scared while making love to her.

Within that 8 minutes, who knows the kind of spiritual damage that must have been done to her victims.

Why won’t men run for their dear lives ?

9 thoughts on “Kenyan Lady Who Goes Into Trance During Org**m Confesses

  1. HOW DID you know it is 8mins, since you are supposedly unaware of what’s happening? Or was it one of your victim is that checked the time for you? Good [email protected]! Only God knows what spiritual damage she does to them victims of hers.

  2. I am a wisher of say you go catch Oladunmi Churchill. He go confess all the sins wey he have does for on top your body.

  3. Make you also catch 2face. Catch D’banj. After you have catch all of them, you are also catch me. I want make you put me inside sicrit society o.

  4. Is this real or just comic relief? This is laughable. Good talk @Metu. How did she know it lasts 8 mins or do those men count the minutes?

  5. This is hilarious
    Orgasm last for just a few seconds and yours is over 8mins?
    What I really think is this, if it’s nothing bad or spiritual as to affect ur victim negatively, then u should tell them before the sex so they won’t be surprised when it happens.
    I so agree with #Big_Aunty_Koks comment

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