Kollington Ayinla “My Wives Want To Kill Me & Inherit My Properties”


kollington ayinla wives death

January 17, 2014 – Kollington Ayinla “My Wives Plan My Death To Inherit My Properties”

Legendary Fuji star, Abdulrazaq Kolawole Ilori popularly called Kollington Ayinla is battling serious spiritual attack that has left him sick for many months.

As earlier reported, the Fuji legend who is very ill is planning to sell off his mansion in Alagbado area of Lagos state Nigeria to treat his illness.

In this latest interview with The Nation, Baba Kebe N Kwara said the greatest mistakes of his life is his choice to marry many wives who have become a big threat to his life.

Kollington Ayinla disclosed that he plan to sell off his houses in order to prevent any of his wives from inheriting them.

Read the interview excerpts below:

“The enemies within are those that I had mistakenly got married to in the early stage of my career. These are the people plotting my death, so they can take over my property. But I  won’t allow such a thing to happen after my death. As far as I am concerned, those people who made me go through hell in life will not have access to my property. Therefore, rather than allow this property or any other one to be inherited by these people, I will sell it off.

So, that was what I told the reporter. I never said I sold my house; yet, he reported that I did because of health condition. I am a not a sickler”!

He added that this common mistake is peculiar to all musicians and he blamed himself for marrying many wives.”It is rare to find a musician, especially in this part of the world, who has not fallen into the same pit. In my case, I regret marrying many wives. If I knew things would later turn out like this, I wouldn’t have married so many women. Human beings are unpredictable! Don’t also forget that women are very jealous; they don’t like rivalry in any way.

But we were too young and ignorant to know all these at that time.
In our kind of profession, if you don’t invite them (women), they will come running to you. If you have a relationship with five people, you will find someone who will be acting like Judas among them. I am not pointing finger at anyone. So, once you know that some people are after your life, even if it is a rumour, you must be very wary. So, I am trying to be smarter by wanting to sell my house, so that no one will inherit what is not rightfully hers”

The once hit maker, Ayinla who had a better career and rapport during the military era and introduced to the powers by former sport minister, Chief Alex Akinyele, begged his chain of enemies not terminate his life the way his friend and rival, Ayinde Barrister was killed about three years ago.

“I was introduced to the former president by Chief Alex Akinyele, who was then the Minister of Information. Even when my first house was gutted by fire, IBB sent a minister to console me. In his speech, the minister explained why the government’s delegation had visited me. He said it was because I had used my music to promote the government’s policies.

He gave me a cheque; the late MKO Abiola, Gen. Sanni Abacha, Col. Raji Rasaki also gave me money. In fact, Col. Raji Rasaki gave me a house in Ogudu. I spent six months at the Gateway Hotel and I didn’t pay a dime. So, I beg these people to allow me enjoy my remaining years on earth. Come to think of it like with it? Don’t kill me as you killed my friend,

He however said he miss Ayinde barrister because of their jokes and memories of the past. Baba Alagbado denied ever fought with the fuji garbage fuji star; that all what they did together were just gimmicks. “Oh! I miss him a lot. Whenever he visited me, we would joke, play and recount old memories. Sometimes, he would just deliberately say, “Let me poke Kola” and I would say, “Go ahead and see the result.”

He once came here and while we were eating, he said, “Do you know that as we sit here, some people are out there fighting one another over us?” and I said, “Yes”. One day, he came here with his son, Barry Showkey, who had just produced an album. He told me he had blessed it, but he wanted me, as Barry Showkey’s second father, to do the same. That day, he also said, “Kola, let’s put an end to this rivalry” and I said, “Who is fighting you? Are you not the one who always insults me with proverbs?” And we all laughed over it”.