Unmarried Couples Living Together: Comedian Ali Baba Asks Pertinent Question

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January 17, 2014 – Unmarried Couples Living Together: Comedian Ali Baba Asks Pertinent Question

Popular comedian Ali Baba has a question for you.

“Is it true that there are some young couples who have not been married for even 5 years, live in the same house yet, they have not touched themselves? Not that they are quarreling oooo!! They just didn’t think of it? In some cases, the man has not been in the mood for months!!! HABA!!!!

Even women who have been married for 30 years plus still get the needful talk less of these young couples that require the needed!! – The comedian asked this via his Facebook page few hours ago.

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Is this really possible in this day an age? Let’s discuss.

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12 thoughts on “Unmarried Couples Living Together: Comedian Ali Baba Asks Pertinent Question

  1. This is not possible not in this world how can 2 sexually active people live in the same place and not exercise

  2. This is very true and real.
    I have two case of such in my hands and they are so close like the tendon in my neck.
    The first case is over 8yrs, the man is a civil servant while the wife lost her banking job some years back.
    The second party are both accountant and the no sex has been on for 5 years now, they are blessed with 4 kids.

  3. @Jumkky yeah right!!! no sex for years indeed, how did 4 kids got on their door step, guess by adoption or dropped from the sky or better still found them by the road side you would explain. I bet the woman in question hardly skip a week without receiving serious “igbarun” back-slap 3 times from her man.

  4. @dave hahahahah u‘re 4ny. Pls xpanciate, wat is “ igbarun“?
    But seriously, i dnt tink dis is possible. A couple can decide 2 stay off sex 4 smtyms perhaps 4 d purpose of family planning or child spacing.

    Anytin apart 4rm dis, can only mean 2 tins…it‘s eida d man in qust is impotent or he has bin castrated.
    On d oda hand, it can b possible if one partner is HIV positive. Maybe any nurse in d house can add smth here…

  5. lts absolutely possible cos l’ve done dt with my hubby when we were still courting.ours was for 4 years.we had to do dt cos its my people’s custom to enable d intending couple to really kw themselves nd confirm their intentions finally cos after dt u can’t say u’re no longer interested cos no one will accept u in.Though,it affected him medically,bt l thank God things are normal nw.

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