Koyo Bala Is Dead: HIV Positive South African Gay Singer Dies Of Anus Cancer


koyo bala dead

March 8, 2016 – Koyo Bala Is Dead: HIV Positive South African Gay Musician Dies Of Anus Cancer

A popular South African musician, actor, Koyo Bala has died.

Bala breathed his last breath at a private hospital in Cape Town South Africa at exactly 9am on Monday .

The 36-year-old gay singer battled anus cancer for 6 months before losing the battle yesterday.

koyo bala anus cancer

In 2011, he publicly disclosed that he was HIV positive. A condition he managed until he was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2014.

Last year, he moved to his family house where he started an aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

His last tweet about the illness was posted on the 13th of February 2016. Check it out below

koyo bala last tweet

The deceased who was an accomplished hip hop artist died surrounded by his 3 sisters on Monday.