Mad Isoko Woman Who Uses Stones To Knock On Doors In Yaba Lagos About To Be Lynched


mad woman knocking doors stone yaba

March 8, 2016 – Doris Ajiri Aligboro, Mad Isoko Woman Who Uses Stones To Knock On Doors In Yaba Lagos About To Be Lynched

The people of Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State are appealing to family members of one Miss Doris Ajiri Aligboro to come her rescue.

The resident of 10 Wegbo St Onike Yaba Lagos reportedly enjoys disturbing the peace of her neighbours both day and night.

Miss Aligboro usually go from house to house to intermittently knock on iron gates/ doors using rocks as pictured above.

“She also slams and bangs her windows and doors in addition to excessive noise emanating from her electronic equipment. The noise nuisance and pollution have so irritated the neighbours that, in retaliation, they resorted to hurling stones and rocks into her 2-bedroom flat compound.

The Isoko people are appealing to her relatives to come to her rescue before her neighbour lynch her.

Miss Aligboro who lives alone is battling mental problem.

She needs the help of the people of Isoko Nation now.

We hope someone will come to her rescue before it is too late.