Ponmo Meat Sellers Arrested For Using Mortuary Embalming Fluid To Fatten Cow Skin

kpomo meat sellers arrested sapele

Sept 20, 2013 – Kpomo (Ponmo) Meat Sellers Arrested For Using Mortuary Embalming Water To Fatten Dry Cow Skin In Sapele, Warri, Delta State

If you are a kpomo meat lover, the story you are about to read might damage your appetite so read at your own discretion.

The above traders were recently arrested at a market in Sapele area of Warri in Delta State Nigeria after a tip off by fellow traders.

After their arrest, the suspectx confessed to using fluid used in embalming dead bodies to fatten their product.

During a confessional statement taken by police, the traders said they usually fatten their ponmo meat by the injection of embalming fluid used in mortuaries before soaking it in water.

This they said is an attempt to get more for the money they spent in buying dry cow skin.

The suspects currently in police detention in Sapele claim the above process makes the kpomo meat taste delicious.

With this shocking revelation, will you ever eat kpomo meat again?.

33 thoughts on “Ponmo Meat Sellers Arrested For Using Mortuary Embalming Fluid To Fatten Cow Skin

    • Susan, u are a darling. I love you for dt straight-forward comment. You’ve just just exuded uncommon traits dt are lacking in most women. Naturally, women love to form formaline but u, u simply won’t deny ur unflinching love for ponmo. I love you and I love PONMO too regardless of d story above.

    • Nawao! Unbelievable, d way pple go after money dis days i wonder. How are we sure they ve not been selling human parts as well, okwa chukwu zoba mmadu n’uwa a. Mmadu ana eri poison without knowing, una get heart o

  1. though what they did was very bad but it’s a way to meet up in this country of oppression we live in,and it’s just one of the result of deep poverty in Nigeria,may God help dear Country

  2. kpomo is one of my favourite meat but with this kind of gist i’ve just reed i don’t think i will still eat it again, that’s emmm when i come visiting,bcos here where i reside things like this don’t happen here, my God i don’t know what naija is turning into.

  3. may God deliver them,they all look like the children that refuseses to come out normally from their mothers womb and the doctor now have to cut their mum and fish them out like tilapia fish,God dey watch una.

  4. daz ur own cup of eat.does dat are eatin pls continue o,no stop am.4 me i no dey chop o.All i knw you go chop wetin o kill u

  5. Hmm I Believe that in life we get to scale through so much things we really do not know about But whenever things like this happen we should pray that God to keep protecting those who are HIS People ..
    Psalms 91:1-16 – He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty ..
    Romans 12:19 – Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
    So my fellow b n s I Pray that we shall never be victims of such because it is happening everywhere and I Strongly believe that the END TIME Is getting closer by each day … Thanks and Please Change ..

  6. These traders have no human conscience. They r using this method to send ppl to their early grave. They deserve life sentence for committing this evil n devilish act. D luv for money will tear d country apart. May God help us!

  7. All the happening in this nation lies on the state of the state of the nation u knows what is going on in the food market not only ponmo.

  8. It is just embalmining fluid nt dead body fluid dey use, after all dat is what dey use for frozen chickens dey import n we eat

  9. wonders shall never end, dis life nawaooooo, dat is why d bible say we shld always pray so dat all dis evil happenin wil nt affect us….. D childern of GOD….

  10. No bi today they started using this chemical, they have been using it for a long time, it is just when nemesis decided to caught up with them. The thing be say naija people don get immunity for all their poison, if na europe that this type of a thing happened, by now them go de announce say about 50 people don die.

  11. lol ponmo or whotever…i wil neva let u go…i lyk dat xoo much,especially wen u use ukpaka,ose na ngo dat use to prepae it..menh d thing sweet pass wen u take it wit abacha…(african salad)xo warri pple make una kill una self dere,i dey otsha nothn dey shake

  12. After d onitsha Anambra state incident I no longer doubt such things,some people are really desperate for wealth and are ready to do d unthinkable.

  13. This is wickednes of the highest order. The bible say; he who pay evil for good, evil will never depart from his/her house so shall it be unto these people. You recieved money from your innocent customer to meet your needs only for you to paid them back with commodity which is capable of endagering their lives,health and probably leads to untimely death. What a wicked world!

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