Ponmo Meat Sellers Arrested For Using Mortuary Embalming Fluid To Fatten Cow Skin


kpomo meat sellers arrested sapele

Sept 20, 2013 – Kpomo (Ponmo) Meat Sellers Arrested For Using Mortuary Embalming Water To Fatten Dry Cow Skin In Sapele, Warri, Delta State

If you are a kpomo meat lover, the story you are about to read might damage your appetite so read at your own discretion.

The above traders were recently arrested at a market in Sapele area of Warri in Delta State Nigeria after a tip off by fellow traders.

After their arrest, the suspectx confessed to using fluid used in embalming dead bodies to fatten their product.

During a confessional statement taken by police, the traders said they usually fatten their ponmo meat by the injection of embalming fluid used in mortuaries before soaking it in water.

This they said is an attempt to get more for the money they spent in buying dry cow skin.

The suspects currently in police detention in Sapele claim the above process makes the kpomo meat taste delicious.

With this shocking revelation, will you ever eat kpomo meat again?.