Lagos Banker Jailed For 9 Years For Defrauding Bank Customers

Feb 21st, 2013 – Lagos Banker Jailed For 9 Years For Defrauding Bank Customers

Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo of the Lagos High Court sitting in Ikeja has sentenced a former banker, Vera Ogbonna Akanni to nine years imprisonment for defrauding her bank customers various sums of money to the tune of N35.4 million.

The convict was prosecuted on an eight count charge bordering on obtaining money by false pretence and stealing by fraudulent conversion.

Prior to her sentencing, defence counsel, Yinka Oyeniji, drew the attention of the court to an affidavit of means placed before the court on February 17, 2013.

Besides, Justice Onigbanjo asked the prosecution counsel, Oluwatoyin Owodunni, if the convict had any previous records of conviction.

Owodunni confirmed to the court that the convict did not have any such record.

However, the prosecution counsel further addressed the court on the convict’s sentencing, saying that the offence for which she was tried attracts a punishment of between seven and twenty years imprisonment.

“My lord, this is money entrusted to the convict as a banker and an account officer. Her criminal conduct is not only a breach of trust but a heinous crime.

This money belongs to innocent and unsuspecting members of the public”, Owodunni submitted.

He, therefore, prayed the court that the convict be made to face the full wrath of the law.

Justice Onigbanjo consequently sentenced the convict to 7 years imprisonment on two of the counts and 2 (two) years imprisonment on two other counts effective from December 2, 2009 when she was first arrested.

The sentences are to run concurrently.

Also, Justice Onigbanjo ordered the convict to make full restitution of the stolen money to the owners.

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8 thoughts on “Lagos Banker Jailed For 9 Years For Defrauding Bank Customers

  1. This woman stole 35.4million and was sentence to 9yr while that th**f dat stole police pension worth 35.9billiom was sentence 2 just 2yr in me its unfair

  2. This very good news and Good Justice,9yrs for defrauding customers money tune of 35.4 million good,and kindly take all her property.if this Justice onigbanjo was the one in control of those pension theift,things will change for good in Nigeria,all pension theift will get nothing less than 50yrs and take back all property they owns with their name and all their family members,cos they will use their family name to clean off those big pension money them take on to themself.

  3. She was jailed simply because she was not top government functionaries, d ful law of nigeria can only b implimented on d less and average persons in this country nonsens.

  4. u would av com into nigerian politics nd commite such nd settle Efcc with 750,000 nd go ur way bt nw i cnt suport u cos u did it 2009 nd u repeat it nw u av 2 face

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