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Lagos King Rilwan Akinolu Threatens To Kill Igbos Planning To Vote PDP Governorship Cand. Agbaje

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Lagos King Rilwan Akinolu Threatens To Kill Igbos Planning To Vote PDP Governorship Cand. Agbaje

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April 6, 2015 – Lagos King Rilwan Akinolu Threatens To Kill Igbos Planning To Vote PDP Governor, Says He’ll Make Life Unbearable For Them

The King made the threat public while reading the riot act to Igbo leaders and traditional rulers in Lagos state today.

He warned the Ndigbos planning to vote PDP governorship candidate, Agbaje to change their mind if they don’t want to experience his wrath.

He said if any Igbo indigene vote Agbaje to power, he will make sure they die.

See excerpt from his speech below:

“On Saturday, if anyone of you goes against Ambode, who I picked, that is your end. If it does not happen within seven days, just know that I am a bastard and it is not my father who gave birth to me.

“By the grace of God, I am the owner of Lagos for the time being. This is an undivid­ed chair. The palace belongs to the dead and those coming in the future. On Saturday, if anyone of you, I swear in the name of God, goes against my wish that Ambode will be the next governor of Lagos State, the person is going to die in­side this water.

“For the Igbo and others in Lagos, they should go where the Oba of Lagos heads to. When they were coming to the state, they did not come with all their houses. But now, they have properties in the state. So they must do my bidding. And that is the bidding of the ances­tors of Lagos and God.

“I am not ready to beg you. Nobody knew how I picked Ambode. Jimi is my blood relation and I told him that he could never be governor in Lagos for now. The future belongs to God. I am not begging anybody, but what you people cannot do in Onitsha, Aba or anywhere you cannot do it here.”

This is too much don’t people have choice again???. The oba should take it easy o, politics is not a do or die affair.

Every Nigerians should be allowed to exercise their democratic right.



  1. Don Omoniyi

    April 6, 2015 at 2:29 PM

    I suppose his HRH, they are the people who accept bribe most in Nigeria, if rig election in the east, we can’t allow it in the south so make it known to them that anyone caught rigging election or accepting bribe to favour Agbaje would die. No doubt about it. If they can’t agree, let them go back to their fatherland and leave Lagos for us

  2. OmoKehinde

    April 6, 2015 at 2:42 PM

    I can’t believe that a traditional king who was once a police commissioner can threatened our Igbo brothers and sisters in Lagos for trying to exercise their voting rights. This story is unbelievable. Nigerians residing anywhere in the country are free to cast their vote for any candidate of their choice for reasons best known to them. That is the beauty of democracy. I don’t know why the Igbo living in Lagos have decided to vote against a party that have greatly served their interests in the last 16 years. Gov. Fashola of Lagos is the first governor in the whole nation that appointed Igbo to various political positions in Lagos state. The current commissioner of finance in Lagos state is an Igbo man. In addition to that, Fashola just like Tinubu have done so much for the Igbo community in Lagos than any governor in Lagos history. It will be very interesting to see our Igbo brothers and sisters abandoning a party that really served their interests in Lagos state for a corrupt party like PDP. However, in democratic setting, they are free to vote the way they feel or choice. But as for me, I will cast my precious vote for candidate Ambode of APC because his party under Fashola and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has transformed Lagos state for the good of all residents of Lagos regardless of their tribes, faith, and language. It will be a foolish thing for any king to issue any warning threats to anyone who intend to exercise his or her voting right anywhere in Nigeria. Sir, the last time I checked, we are still in Nigeria but not North Korea or Iran. Igbo kuanu!


      April 6, 2015 at 4:30 PM

      OmoKehinde, much as I agree with you that choice of who to vote for is a sovereign right which should not be influence by threat of any sort however, Lagos residents of Igbo community must reciprocate the kind accomodating gesture of the Yoruba people, that enable them live under very peaceful atmosphere where their businesses flurish without qualm. Igbos have compounded their normadic problems further in all nuke and cranny of Nigeria, its only a matter of time that they’ll begin to count the cost of their deep rooted hatred for the Yorubas in the manner they voted in Lagos State. Igbos in Lagos must do a retrospective analysis of how they came to be normads in their own land and why they are a target of persecution wherever they find themselves. Igbos are always quick to point to economic independence of the people of the South East but, what they have always failed to do is explain why that has not counted in the development of the South East and why Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Ibadan etc. have become a magnet to even their generations unborn. Oba Akiolu is right in his demand of the Igbos to be responsible in their attitude towards matters of interest to Lagosians. Igbos will not tolerate in Igboland what they choose to do in other people’s territories. It is the reason why other Nigerian tribes are never interested establishing or doing business of any kind in the East. The earlier the Igbos are told the hard facts of what hurts their hosts Lagosians and expect they refrain from behaviour that may set them up for hatred; the better for their peaceful co-existence with Lagosians.

  3. obi

    April 6, 2015 at 3:19 PM

    talk is free, if people pay before they talk will this man who called himself HRH waste his money to make empty threats?
    when that war he is calling for will start, he will be the first one to cross to Benin republic. thank God that the Igbos he is threating are the ones who were kids during the Biafran war, they have suffered and survived during the war and will fight this one that HRH is calling for and survive also.

  4. patrick victor

    April 6, 2015 at 4:25 PM

    Omoniyi u and ur oba are bunch of ***** like u,without d igbos in lagos nobody will ever recognize lagos state,we opened ur eyes now u talking rubbish……jk is our next governor ok…..and if ur oba doesn’t take his time he might dis b4 then,,,rubbish!!

    • Lagosian

      April 6, 2015 at 5:36 PM

      @Patrick, Its a pity that u have just vomited utter nonsense -through ur very vague assumptions. Thus exposing ur ignorance, and lack of respect and deep seated hatred for ur host state-Lagos, and her indigenes; the Yorubas. That is very ungrateful statement from U and U really ought to be ashamed of urself ,if truly U live in Lagos. What do u mean u opened whose eyes?
      Ur brothers and sisters have come from the village in the South East through their very inherent nomadic tendencies to look for greener pasture in Lagos…So tell me what civilisation U and your brothers and sisters are bringing from the village in the South East of Nigeria to Lagos? Apart from the vices U and ur cohorts bring with u from ur villages to the land.
      U already know what ur brothers and sisters indulge-in- which they call business. so I don’t need to mention that here on this forum.
      Please I ask U,if ur village is so civilised why the need to normed ur folks (brothers and sisters)to Lagos for greener pasture?
      Please u should be careful with ur utrances bcos U have totally veered from the original argument. These ur uttrances has just revealed ur deep seated hatred for the yorube people.
      Its really a shame that U can bite the finger that feeds U.

      Please its not by force to live in Lagos. If u don’t like what the royal father has said U can as well relocate to ur civilised village..biko!!!!!

      • @Lagosian

        April 7, 2015 at 9:33 AM

        @ lagosian, people like you will never allow this nation to move forward. you have just uttered arrant nonsense, rubbish and distinguishing statement from your mouth. your comment is really nauseating. when i was reading your post, i really felt sorry for you. why waste your time posting rubbish instead of you to use your time for some valuable things which will be beneficiary to you and your community. if words are gold, you couldn’t have wasted this rubbish from your nauseating mouth.
        you really need deliverance. Igbos have their right to vote for any candidate of their choice irrespective of the party such candidate belongs to. the oba of Lagos threat to the igbos is tantamount to denying the igbos the right to exist and their sovereign democratic rights
        Oba of Lagos is Such a f**l

  5. james

    April 6, 2015 at 7:44 PM

    I dont blame any body in this matter, but the Igbos, the Igbos who refused to devolop their own portion of the country,they failed to remember that the lose al the suffered for during and after the civil war including their life, but today it seems a untrue history to them,they can kill themselves to get money in other to devoloped another state than theirs, if a land on top of lagon in lagos is sold for 100 million, they will buy it and build the best, but right in their own state, they dont have a polt and if 100 plots are sold to them at ten nira per polt, they will not buy it… SHAME, if this statement from his HRH, is true, i will give the man a clap, i will sing praises to him so that the will learn from it.
    Igbos go home and built those induestries in the Esat, customers will fly all the way from America and come to do business with you in the Esat, Port hacourt warf is there, iam a shamed of you people, upon your interligents and ets, still majority of you are still 100% mugu.
    HRH,mean what you said and impliment it,never withdrew the statement, if that will make them open their eyes ealier and go home, they have over stay their wellcome, God bless you sir, may you live long in good health and prosperity.

  6. Wani25

    April 6, 2015 at 8:40 PM

    Is It Must To Tell Us Whom To Vote For? But I Think For Dis So-Called Threat We D Igbo Families Are Going To Vote For Pdp Wheather U Like It Or Not Nonsense,Do U Think Igbos Are Slaves Or Zombie?

  7. Sulyman Ibrahim

    April 6, 2015 at 9:48 PM

    Patrick Victor~ u better control ur Agbaje’s mouth, U Igbos u came Lagos last after al tribes arrives. Yes! its true u Igbos opened People’s eyes in fraud & stealing. Bcos, U worships money. 4 ur infor, Jimi Agbaje wil fail as his oga fail, d mst corrupt President eva in nigeria. By God’s grace, Ambode is goin 2 b our nxt Gov after our xllent & unique Gov, SAN~ BRF~ Surely sir, APC wil make it by d grace of God. All d enemies of Lagos State & d enemies of progress dey would go 2 hell, APC CHANGE! God has changed 4 us, 4rm Badluck 2 Buhari, Say Baba! angry go *** al of na.

  8. Sulyman Ibrahim

    April 6, 2015 at 10:14 PM

    Want25~ its tit 4 tat, dats wat happened in Rivers & Imo, U enforced people 2 vote PDP, if u like make al of u vote 4 PDP u wil continue 2 loose, shame on u. I served in Delta State, i do learn some of ur characers & behaviour. Though, some Igbos re gud & responsibles, while some of dem re BIRI~BIRI.

  9. dan

    April 7, 2015 at 4:59 AM

    Are the Igbos guests in LAGOS? = YES
    Must they vote who the OBA says in 2015? = NO
    Do they let other tribes flourish in igboland = NO
    Do they need to be more accommodating in Igboland? =YES

    The Oba is just perpetrating old school ways. He could have gone about it a different way.

  10. yvonne

    April 7, 2015 at 5:11 AM

    Hahahahahahahaha, I just can’t stop laughing at the Igbo’s have u heard what the yoruba’s are saying just imagine the insult they heap on u. Why should a so called HRH make such an uncivilized comment in the first place? its not must to vote for a particular party this is democracy for God sake where we have right to vote for any party that we so desire so lagosians plz let peace rain remember u guys travel too not just the igbos so let’s live in peace , I knw if the war they are ranting about starts now the politicians who initiated it will be the first to flee to Europe with their families so be wise

  11. jan

    April 7, 2015 at 11:12 AM

    One Nigeria, what a shameful thing for other countries to see the useless thing this oba is saying.why do people even think they have the right to do anything, if this is what 2015 is about why not we split and have our own country and the yoruba have theirs,I think that will make the people of Nigeria happy.and as for you yoruba please mind what you say course nothing is right with what the oba said, are we not one Nigeria, let’s learn to love one another and stop all this conversation.lagos is no man land, I am so ashamed of being a Nigeria. , I thank God my husband is a British and am now a citizen British.nigeria make peace or split

  12. femmy4sure

    April 7, 2015 at 3:01 PM

    What oba of lagos said isn’t good but lagos is yoruba land not no man land @ jan said. Why pple was force 2 vote 4 pdp @ abia,imo, river etc. So he have right 2 force u igbos 2 vote apc. Though everybodi have right 2 vote for d party of his/her choice. One nigeria

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