Lagos Ritualist Pastor Ernest Nwankwo Arrested..He Says Victims Are Lunatics

lagos ritualist pastor arrested

July 2nd, 2014 – Alleged Lagos Ritualist Pastor Ernest Nwankwo Arrested..He Says Victims Are Lunatics

Pastor Ernest Nwankwo of the Holy Family Ministry who has gone into hiding since his church was exposed in Lagos last week has been arrested.

He was arrested by police in Ebute Metta on Monday following a tip off from State Criminal Investigation Department.

In his confession, he said his church is not a ritualist den and that the people there are lunatics waiting for deliverance.

Pastor Nwankwo was busted last week when a church member identified as Rosemary Chukwu claimed he told her to bring a boy for ritual purpose.

The woman alleged that the pastor has been using her blood for ritual since and that he told her to bring a substitute.

Hmmm if all his victims are lunatics, is the innocent boy he allegedly asked the woman to bring also a lunatic?

Chei chei chei these bloods we ya shearing will answer….. DiarisGod o, Diaris God…. Diaris God ooooooo.

13 thoughts on “Lagos Ritualist Pastor Ernest Nwankwo Arrested..He Says Victims Are Lunatics

  1. yes they are lunatic because u turned them into lunatic so u can sell them to ritual killers

  2. Nigerians u have to be kiaful with these end time pastors they will do anything to satisfy their bellies

  3. no cort,just cut off this so call pastor **** and give animal in zoo to eat,he is the Lunatic Ritualist killer,dont keep him amoung human again devil.

  4. D Only Problem Here Is Dat We Don’t Even Know D Truth It Might Be Setup From Another Church In Dat Area Cos Dia Costumers Has Change Dia Worship At D Holy Family, Who Know How Much Dey Paid D Woman To Blackmail Him, Well Only God Knows D Truth Shikena.

  5. Am From Anambra State And I Know Him Very Well Cos He Is A Quiet Guy But My Question Is How Manage Am Still Suprised Plz Let D Truth Comes Out As Soon As Possible But Am Not A Member In His Church Hoooo Haaaa.

  6. Well i believe dis is a set up for the pastor the woman is paid to set him up because his prayer was disturbing the occultist in that area there is no evidence to prove that the place is a ritualist den if not. y not post that they saw human head in his church

  7. We can not just judge him by hear say. please take those people in his custody for medical check-up, in other to be sure if truly they are insane or he’s a ritualist. After d result, judgement should be well execute.

  8. He is using your blood 4 sacrifies since and u a stil alive ? Abi ur own blood dey like river niger wey no dey finish

  9. If they are lunatic.where are there families.atleast someone brought them for delivrance..or he went on lunatic searching.

  10. All of you belive this so call pastor ,are full memmbers of the killer church,to me he is Ritualist.

  11. Mulikat hav beginning to suspect u wat is ur business are u God remember God word he said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no arm y are my even taking is she christian whatever pls d pastor is not a ritualist no prove in his church except i saw dry bone and skull that is wen i will believe

  12. monsters in human form since he has refused to confess i think the best thing to do is to give him the beaten of his life bcos i think this is the only way to make him open his mouth evil.

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