Lagos State NSCDC Commandant, Obafaiye Shem Denies Sack “I’m Still With My Oga At The Top”

my oga at the top not suspended

March 19, 2013 – Lagos State NSCDC Commandant, Obafaiye Shem Denies Sack “I’m Still With My Oga At The Top”

My Oga At The Top Not Sacked….

The current Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, Lagos chapter yesterday has denied his sack.

Obafaiye Shem who said he is currently in his village for his mother’s burial confirms he is still with his Oga at the top.

He also denied rumours that his wife went to protest at Channels TV over his sack.

The popular Oga at the top comedian said he will resume work next week and that all the rumours surrounding his suspension should be ignored.

He came into limelight last week after an interview blunder on Channels TV.

Obafaiye messed up on his first live interview after he forgot the name of his boss whom he called My Oga at the top and his organisation’s website address.

His ordeal actually made him more popular at work and all over Nigeria.

“I am still the State Commandant of NSCDC and I am determined to work hard to expose the vandals across the State.” – Obafaiye shem

Alaba boys quickly turned his ordeal into a money-making venture.

They have released thousands of interesting video games and clothings with My Oga at the top logo and trust me they are selling like crazy.

11 thoughts on “Lagos State NSCDC Commandant, Obafaiye Shem Denies Sack “I’m Still With My Oga At The Top”

    • Don’t blame him cos so many of them are also like dat. If u doubt me, ask ur father to go for interview

      • @Stallone don’t say that, this is to show that He is not competent enough to handle that position. I wonder how he got there. If the right person is there, he will be very professional and would know and remember and would be able to answer questions thrown at him. Or did he just got there that same day of the interview?

  1. U ar very correct**if dis man should tink of organisin a comedy concert durin easter i swear he wil b basterdly rich coz thousand of pple wil buy him ticket even if it is rubbish dat he wil perform at least dey bought d ticket**dis is easy moni

  2. Shem is good comedian.i think he has a calling as a comedian so if am 2 say i will advice him 2 look 4 a near by studio and start d work of OGA AT THE TOP….lols

  3. Aha Lagosians you are all haters of Mr Shem that’s why you call him a comedian. Anyway you are shameless enough to call your ***** a Pig or DOG.

    • @Abdullahi Funtua, becareful of what you are writing. It’s people like you who would not train officers to become professionals before giving them positions. Have you watched the full interview to find out that it was just a simple question which someone of his level should be able to answer?
      Please go to youtube and watch the full interview: it was a national mess up!!!

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