Landlord Raped Tenant’s Daughter In Lagos – Taiwo Bakare Arrested By Police

landlord raped tenant daughter

Nov 14, 2013 – Landlord Who Raped Tenant’s Daughter Arrested In Lagos – Taiwo Balakre In Police Detention

Landlord Raped Tenant’s Daughter In Lagos – Taiwo Bakare Arrested By Police

Mr Taiwo Bakare, a 42-year-old Landlord who allegedly defiled a 10-year-old girl has been arrested by Lagos Police officials.

The victim who is a daughter to Bakare’s tenant claims she was lured to his parlour with sweet on the 10th of November, 2013 before being raped at 45 Unity Road in Egan area of Lagos state Nigeria.

Bakare allegedly fingered the girl, after giving her sweet and as he was about to put his manhood in her private part, he was caught in the act.

According to Igando Police officials, Taiwo Bakare was arrested after a tenant who saw him raised an alarm that attracted other tenants.

Police detectives were invited and they arrested the man and took him to their station.

In his confession, Taiwo Bakare claims he is a married father of four children with high desire for sex.

“My wife and children had all gone out when the devil took the better part of me and I had to lure the girl to my parlour in an attempt to have sex with her,” he confessed.

A police officer at Igando station who confirmed the incident said Taiwo Bakare will soon be charged.

17 thoughts on “Landlord Raped Tenant’s Daughter In Lagos – Taiwo Bakare Arrested By Police

  1. if he can do dis to a little child of 10 yrs as a result of his over desire for sex, he can as well rape his own daughter for same reason. gbam…

  2. Û’re a disgrace, wot a shame. Buh my pple, let’s tink of it, y raping cases ar getting much in our country dis days? Abi e get wetin men dey take wey dey make der thing raise unnecessarily ni to d extent dt dey can’t control derself? Bcos am jst tired of reading raping story everyday!!!

  3. This idiot should be castrated and sent to 20 years of hard labor. A lot of these heartless abuses are too rampart in Nigeria. He should be used as scape goat. What a shame, he has destroyed the life of an innocent young star.

  4. i have said it several times here, dat unless they start cutting dia manhood off, dis rapers won’t stop, just take a look at him, evil is written all ova him, our govt is nt doing enough, he is arrested 2day by 2mmrw he is already outside, he should b jail 4 life, idiot

  5. All the kids in that street need to undergo a test to know how many that are involved before he is charged.including his kids,for his punishments,Am not in my right state of mind now to say anything,lets start with dripping his pe**s in hot water every morning and cool it off with fact cut of his pe**s and make him a mrs.


  7. Awww too bad of him instead of raping an infant girl like that why not sleep with an adult or even a harlot it’s preferable to this crime u committed ur name is sorry OGA .

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