Late Nollywood Actress Moji Olaiya Buried At Ikoyi Lagos Cemetery…See Photos & Videos

moji olaiya buried ikoyi lagos

June 7, 2017 – Moji Olaiya Laid To Her Final Resting Place In Ikoyi Lagos Cemetery Amidst Tear & Anguish..See Photos & Videos

Moji Olaiya was this afternoon placed in her final resting place at Ebony Vaults in Ikoyi Lagos.

The private burial was witnessed by her daughter, Adunola Farombi, her UK-based brother Femi Olaiya and selected Nollywood stars.

See photos and videos below

The actress died of childbirth complication in Toronto Ontario Canada on the 18th of May 2017.

Her remains left Canada on the 5th of June and arrived Lagos late last night.

May her soul rest in peace (amen).

8 thoughts on “Late Nollywood Actress Moji Olaiya Buried At Ikoyi Lagos Cemetery…See Photos & Videos

    • To you and your family it’s a sad story but to Moji it was the best choice for her and now would have recognised that Islam is the only way to paradise. May God guide you to the true path. Do not just sit there and judge other people especially the deceased because you don’t know how you ******., always say good about the deceased and pray to almighty God to forgive you because you are not pure yourself. Only God can judge

    • No you’re wrong. She died and buried a Christian. Moslems are buried less than 24 hours of their demise.

  1. CHAI….this woman just became so popular in her death than when alive.

    When you are in trouble, people will avoid you but the moment you die, they flocks to your house showing crocodile sympathy.

    When she was experiencing the painful travails of child birth that eventually led to her death, nobody give a damn about her. Now that she‘s dead, everyone want to identify with her. I think it‘s high time they changed this mentality and make the reverse the case instead. Enough of all this eye service bullshit!

    Nigerians are a bunch of hypocrites excluding Me, though a Nigerian.

    I take a stroll…

  2. This is obviously not a joyous moment for Moji’s family. May the almighty God in his infinite mercy grant your family the fortitude to bear your loss. RIP Woman.

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