Lebanese Man Jailed For Life In Nigeria: Talal Ahmad Roda Linked To Hezbollah Terrorists

lebanese man jailed for life nigeria

Nov 29, 2013 – Terrorism: Lebanese Businessman Jailed For Life In Nigeria

Talal Ahmad Roda Linked To Hezbollah Terrorist Organization

The Federal High Court in Abuja today ruled on the case between the Federal Government and three Lebanese suspects arrested for illegal possession of weapons and connection with the Hezbollah. The suspects are Talal Ahmad Roda, Mustapha Fawaz, the owner of a popular Amigo Supermarket and Abdallah Tahini

The Joint Task Force (JTF) in Kano arrested the men on May 31 with a large cache of arms in a bunker during a raid on their residence. Weapons recovered were 17 AK 47 rifles, 44 magazines, four land mines and 12 RPG bombs, 14 RPG chargers, 11 66 mm anti-tanks weapons, one SMG magazine, one pistol and several magazines.

Also recovered were 11, 433 rounds of 7.26 mm special, 76 hand grenades, rocket-propelled guns, and 122 calibre artillery and anti-mine weapons.

The suspects, who were previously in the custody of the State Security Service (SSS), were later transferred to prison custody following an alarm raised by the suspects that their lives were not safe in the hands of the SSS.

The arrests also led to the closure of Amigo Supermarket and Wonderland Recreational Center, both of which are owned by Mr. Fawaz.

ahmad rosa lebanese man jailed

However today, Justice Ademola Adeniji of the Federal High Court in Abuja acquitted and discharged Mr. Fawaz and Tahini while sentencing Ahmad Roda to life imprisonment.

[Reported by Sahara Reporter]

8 thoughts on “Lebanese Man Jailed For Life In Nigeria: Talal Ahmad Roda Linked To Hezbollah Terrorists

  1. This is serious what do they plan to do with the ammunition?
    I think they should have jailed all of them not one

  2. Why do Justice Ademola has to discharge and acquit the other two men? were they not together as the terrorist group? if they are not together as terrorist group why should the court close the supermarket, please let us know why the two was discharged and acquitted and only one pf them jailed, thanks and hope to hear back from you

  3. D other two are they not found guilty?a soul dat sineth shall die.the nothern must sumit 2 God wl bles them. blessed is a nation whose God is d lord

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