Linda Ikeji’s Blog Spot Website Deleted By Google: Nigerian Millionaire Blogger Shut Down


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Oct 8, 2014 – Linda Ikeji’s Blog Spot, Blogger Website Deleted By Google: Nigerian Self-made Millionaire Blogger Shut Down, Removed Over Legal Battle

Few weeks after acquiring a multi-million naira SUV, Nigerian millionaire blogger Linda Ikeji has suffered a major set back.

Why Did Google Removed Linda Ikeji’s Blogspot Website

Less than 2 hours ago, the guys at deleted her Blogspot domain over a big legal issue.

Before now, Linda told fans that some guys whom she called jealous over her achievement have been working nonstop to get her in trouble but alas, the deed has been done, her domain has been deleted by, the owner of and

A visit to Linda Ikeji’s blog will show you the screen below:

Linda Ikeji few weeks ago told fans she is afraid of registering her own website because of the stress that comes with managing a website and server administration headache.

I guess this is a wake up call for her and others.

She is currently working on setting up a new website where she will start from scratch.

Back to square one.

I think Linda Ikeji’s problem started when she suddenly started flaunting her multi milion naira acquisitions online.

Many of her fans have become her enemies overnight because they thought she is proud.

May God be with her during this trying period. I believe she will get back up again and learn from her past mistakes.

She started this blog back in 2008, six years of work is no child play.

Google may still reinstate her blog, please remember her in your prayers.

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