Nigerians, Covenant University Students Build Hybrid Cars, Tricyles & Generator-Powered C.


hybrid cars covenant university students

Oct 7, 2014 – Nigerians, Covenant University Students Built Hybrid Cars, Tricyles & Generator-Powered Vehicles [PICTURES]

A major breakthrough has been made in the Nigerian automotive industry.

The first hybrid car made in Nigeria was unveiled at Winners Chapel in Ota this past Sunday by Bishop Davido Oyedepo.

The excited Man of God made the announcement during an inspirational sermon.

Some students of Covenant University have built two cars from scratch.

The red-car pictured below is a generator-powered car that will use 1 litre of fuel per 60 km while the grey one is an hybrid car.

The later was built with 3 powerful batteries that can be charged just like an inverter. The batteries will store up power and re-use later.

The excellent students also built a tricycle. Amazing!!!

See more photos below
covenant university students build cars

covenant university students tricycles

Brilliant inventions.

Nigeria is blessed with intelligent people I believe things will get better for us if we can put our skills, talents and abilities to use.

Kudos to those excellent students.

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