Liz Anjorin To Nigerians: If You Have Money & Can’t Dress To Kill, The Devil Is Manipulating You


liz anjorin devil manipulating destiny

December 27, 2017 – Liz Anjorin To Nigerians: If You Have Money & Can’t Buy Good Attires, The Devil Is Manipulating Your Destiny

Popular Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin has come after stingy people as she stylishly promotes her new clothing store in Lekki Laogs.

According to the single mother of one, if you have money and you can’t have real attires for yourself, the devil is manipulating you.

Liz Anjorin goes further to tell young ladies about the importance of dressing well especially if they are looking for a man to buy a G-Wagon for them. She didn’t leave the guys behind as she talked about the importance of dressing appropriately especially if you want a contract.

See her post below:

“Facts about life…Devil is MANIPULATING your DESTINY if you have the money and can’t have real attires for yourself …‎ Don’t kill yourself with depression, dress well and elegantly… You can’t be wearing it cheap and expecting a guy to buy you a G-Wagon – that’s a big cheat to yourself..‎ Inferiority complex brings depression and depression brings sudden death, especially to women..

What you wear determines how men will price you, you can’t wear it cheap and expect Dangote to eye you, you can’t dress shabbily and expect to impress the Real-Men.. While you’re busy spending thousands on meaningless things, the wise ones spends wisely on wears and jewelries.. Wear something unique and classy then go out and catch fun, because Real men won’t come to you, you need to walk to them..

And for those that has Bae, let your Bae see you with something different.. . Back to guys, some of you like wrist-watches and shoes but behold, the texture of what you’re wearing speaks a lot, you can’t be wearing casual outfits and expecting people to issue a mouth-watering contract to you… Regardless of your age or tribe, you need something that call attentions..

As a guy, if you dress and you didn’t get a complement from ladies, believe me, your attire is a waste… If you want to look unique and elegant, check my showroom to get what you’ve not seen before for male and female.. A lot of people have met fortune through what they wear and a lot have lost fortune through what they wear, if you like it simple: don’t blame your Bae for cheating.. While some ladies are looking like baby doll, you’re there saying I like it simple, anyway na your own be that because life itself is not simple(aye gan le koko like oju eja)… Oto oro bi isokuso ni in my office come and beat me.”

We hope her desperate approach to market her clothing store will not backfire.

Why bring the devil into common matters like this??