Lola Omotayo’s Parents: Lola Okoye’s Father & Mother Pictured Together

lola omotayo parents

Nov 20, 2013 – Lola Omotayo’s Parents: Peter Okoye’s Wife’s Father & Mother Pictured Together

The first public photos of Peter Okoye’s wife’s parents have surfaced.

This is Mr & Mrs Omotayo, the Nigerian/Caucasian parents of Lola.

It was taken at the wedding ceremony of their daughter and Peter Okoye on Sunday in Lagos state Nigeria.

Check out more pics below:

lola omotayo father mother

Lola Omotayo’s mother greeting the Okoyes.

Lola Omotayo is the executive director of her father’s oil firm in Lagos.
Her father, Mr Dipo Omotayo is the owner of Silco Drilling and Completion Services, a Lagos-based oil and gas company.