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Majid Michel Condemns Premarital Sex, Says It’s Against The Constitution Of The Kingdom Of God

majid michel premarital sex

August 8, 2017 – Majid Michel Condemns Premarital Sex, Says It Is Against The Constitution Of The Kingdom Of God

Ghanaian-Lebanese actor Majid Michel has revealed that sex before marriage is a sin of fornication which is contrary to the will of God.

According to Majid Michel, the society has accepted premarital sex as a norm which is not supposed to be.

“My philosophy in life doesn’t permit the youth, especially to engage in sex because it is against the constitution of the kingdom of God, a covenant is being established in the spirit world and this thing (sex) has a strong hold on our life if one is involved” he added.

In an interview with Ghanaweb, Majid stated that married women who denied their husbands of sex are giving their husbands the ticket to cheat on them.

He said it is the duty of the woman to satisfy her man even if they don’t feel like it but added that if the man is grounded in spirit and knowledge, he would be ready to solve the issue and not look elsewhere.

Asked if he will continue to act sex scenes in movies, the ‘Crime to Christ’ actor said,

“I’m an actor, my values and morals system has changed a bit that doesn’t mean I would deny sex roles in the movie scene if it could possibly impact positively in the lives of Ghanaians, I will gladly take that role’’

Majid also encouraged his fans to accept his new life, urging them to come and witness the power of God at his ministrations as he is in no position to prove to anyone that he is not faking his ministry.

[ Credit: Ghana Web]



  1. iron bar

    August 8, 2017 at 9:17 PM

    MAJID,you are a great actor(no doubts) but am not a fan of serving GOD and another..revert to full time evangelization and stop telling us u can act sex scene part in a given movie script if offered.this is applicable to latter day saints like eucharia and mama g.u preach on the altar and we see u in uncomprising mood in some upcoming nolly wood movies..richard bonnke and Don moen wont be seen in james bond movie and would not take that role in any given time whem offered from hollywood.

  2. Olorunfemi Taiwo

    August 9, 2017 at 8:00 AM

    Good talk Majid, the world may change but the standard of God can never change,the world may see premarital sex as a norm but the fact remains that a lady who engages in premarital sex with the husband to be will loose the trust,respect even love in marriage,that is if they eventually marry. So ladies should respect themselves by keeping themselves from this act,why rushing to what you will do and be tired in marriage(s*x). After all what testimony will you tell you daughter as woman if you don’t marry as virgin. I got married at 27year in 2009, I went to school and served as corp member and even did my post graduate program , I was engaged during my post graduate days but s*x was on my wedding night and today the man is showering love on me and my siblings.It is a prestigious thing to wait till wedding night beloved sister .There is nothing special in sex is just the devil is using it to deceive the youth from reaching the place of their destiny and to lay bad foundation for their marriage .Please avoid it not for the sake of Christ but for the sake of your destiny that you want to fulfill.Let you light so shine before men so that the will by your good works glorify your father which is in heaven .Flee fornication,your body is the temple of God keep it holy.

  3. Dan

    August 9, 2017 at 8:45 AM

    Good job ….If the role ends up teaching a moral/spiritual lesson, them its not a big deal to act it.

    Church is the Mechanic workshop for sinners. Please do not regards how bad you have messed up. Paul was a bonafide Anti-Christ bad guy and see all the work he did for Christ and the epistles he wrote.

    NOBODY is beyond repairs. When u sin you nail Jesus on the cross. Renew yourself….its not as difficult as it is made out to be. Changes in deed, utterances and Bible devotion and prayers and u will grow faster that u ever did.


  4. sam

    August 9, 2017 at 9:01 AM

    Rubbish !
    If we follow all what religion and so called men of God tell us we shall not have life on this earth.
    Religion tells us not to have sex.
    Religion tells us not to drink alcohol
    Religion tell us not to admire a pretty Girl.
    Premarital sex is not only very important but inevitable. Sex is very important in marriage and so it is very important for the future husband and wife to know eachother sexually. People are different in sex. Some are cold, dont like it much, wheras some are hot and like it so much. Some are also not able because they are frigid, have low libido ,small penis or are impotent.
    What happens to a woman who discovers at wedding day that the husband is sexually handicapped. Infact these are the guys who are against premarital sex. Advice to Girls- if you have a fiance or a boy who is against premarital sex, run away very fast from him before it is too late. You cannot change certain conditions in life. One can have premarital sex strictly with condom to avoid pregnancy and infection. If we listen to religion and these self made pastors then we are gone, not living beings on this earth. Remember, religious inventors ask us not to think because if we do , they cannot get us cheap. Have fun but with care. Too much of eveything is bad.

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