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Creative Ways To Make Nigeria The Best Country In The World: A Unifying Guide

ways to make nigeria best country world

Creative Ways To Make Nigeria The Best Country In The World: A Unifying Guide By Victoria Adewoyin

As a motivational writer, I am often asked to write about ways make Nigeria the best country in the world. This is a lofty goal, but it is not impossible. With determination, hard work, and a shared vision, we can create a Nigeria that is not only prosperous but also peaceful, equitable, and sustainable. In this article, I will outline some key steps that we can take to make Nigeria the best country in the world.

Nigeria is a country that has faced its fair share of challenges over the years. From corruption to insecurity, Nigeria has been through a lot. However, there is no doubt that Nigerians are some of the most resilient people in the world. We have the potential to make Nigeria the best country in the world.

Let’s explore some fun and exciting steps that we can take to make Nigeria the best country in the world.


Education is the key to unlocking the potential of our nation. We need to invest in education at all levels, from primary to tertiary, to ensure that our citizens are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the modern world. We need to make education fun and exciting, by introducing new teaching methods and technologies. Who says learning can’t be fun?


Let’s be honest, Nigerian roads are not the best. But, imagine if we had highways like the Autobahn in Germany. We need to invest in our infrastructure, including roads, bridges, airports, seaports, and other essential infrastructure to connect our cities, towns, and villages and enable the movement of goods and people. Let’s make road trips fun and exciting, by building rest stops with great food, music, and art.

Good governance

Good governance is essential for a prosperous and peaceful society. We need leaders who are accountable, transparent, and responsive to the needs of the people. Let’s make the democratic process fun, by hosting town hall meetings with politicians where citizens can ask questions and voice their opinions. We can also introduce a rating system where citizens can rate the performance of their elected officials.


Entrepreneurship is the engine of economic growth and job creation. Let’s encourage entrepreneurship by supporting and celebrating entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. We can organize fun and exciting events like business fairs, where entrepreneurs can showcase their products and services.


Let’s embrace unity as a nation. Nigeria is a diverse country, and diversity is what makes us unique. We need to celebrate our diversity and work together to build a more inclusive and tolerant society. We can organize fun and exciting events like cultural festivals, where Nigerians can showcase their diverse cultures and traditions.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is another key aspect that we need to focus on to make Nigeria the best country in the world. We need to preserve our natural resources and protect our environment for future generations. We can do this by promoting sustainable practices such as waste management, tree planting, and renewable energy. We can also organize fun and exciting events like eco-friendly fairs and beach cleanups to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Sports and recreation

Sports and recreation are not just great for physical health but also mental well-being. We need to invest in sports infrastructure and encourage participation in sports and recreational activities. We can organize fun and exciting events like sports tournaments, marathons, and adventure races to promote healthy living and bring people together.

Innovation and technology

Innovation and technology are essential for driving economic growth and solving societal problems. We need to invest in research and development and create an environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. We can organize fun and exciting events like hackathons, tech expos, and innovation challenges to encourage young people to think outside the box and develop new solutions to old problems.

Arts and culture

Nigeria is a country rich in arts and culture, and we need to showcase and celebrate our cultural heritage. We can organize fun and exciting events like art exhibitions, music concerts, and cultural carnivals to promote Nigerian art and culture to the world. We can also support the development of the creative industry and create opportunities for artists and creatives to thrive.

Philanthropy and volunteerism

Philanthropy and volunteerism are critical for building a more compassionate and empathetic society. We need to encourage people to give back to their communities and support those in need. We can organize fun and exciting events like charity walks, food drives, and blood donation drives to raise awareness about social issues and encourage philanthropy and volunteerism.

Tackle corruption

Corruption has been a major impediment to Nigeria’s development, and we need to take bold steps to tackle it. This involves strengthening anti-corruption agencies, promoting transparency and accountability, and enforcing strict penalties for corruption. We can also encourage whistleblowers and support civil society organizations that work to combat corruption.

Improve security

Nigeria has been grappling with security challenges, such as terrorism, insurgency, and banditry. We need to invest in the security sector, equip our security agencies with modern technology and tools, and collaborate with other countries to combat transnational threats. We can also support community policing and work with local communities to prevent and address security threats.

Promote diversity and inclusion

Nigeria is a diverse country with over 250 ethnic groups, and we need to embrace and celebrate our diversity. We can promote cultural exchange programs, language learning, and inter-ethnic marriages to foster unity and inclusion. We can also create opportunities for marginalized groups, such as women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals, to participate fully in society.

Enhance international relations

Nigeria is an important player in the global community, and we need to enhance our international relations to promote our national interests. We can leverage our membership in regional and international organizations to advance our foreign policy objectives and pursue mutually beneficial partnerships with other countries. We can also promote Nigerian culture and showcase our economic potential to attract foreign investment.

Foster a culture of patriotism

To make Nigeria the best country in the world, we need to foster a culture of patriotism and national pride. This involves promoting Nigerian symbols, such as the national flag and anthem, and celebrating national holidays and milestones. We can also teach Nigerian history and civics in schools and encourage volunteerism and philanthropy to support our communities.

Making Nigeria the best country in the world is an ambitious but achievable goal. By taking these steps to invest in education, infrastructure, good governance, entrepreneurship, unity, environmental sustainability, sports and recreation, innovation and technology, arts and culture, philanthropy and volunteerism, tackling corruption, improving security, promoting diversity and inclusion, enhancing international relations, and fostering a culture of patriotism, we can build a Nigeria that is prosperous, peaceful, and proud. Let’s work together with fun, excitement, and optimism to make Nigeria the best country in the world.

When we work together, we can create a Nigeria that is prosperous, peaceful, equitable, and sustainable. Let’s have fun while we work towards this vision, and I am confident that we can achieve it. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.

[About The Author: Victoria Adewoyin is the author of, a trusted life coach and the convener of Back To Naija movement]

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