Mama Joy Restaurant Owner Found Dead In Apapa Lagos Hotel, Sugar Daddy Disappears

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April 11, 2016 – Mama Joy Restaurant Owner, Mother Of Five Found Dead In Apapa Lagos Hotel, Boyfriend, Sugardaddy Disappears

A popular restaurant owner in Apapa Lagos, Mama Joy has died.

The victim, a married mother of five reportedly died during sex romp with one of her customers at an undisclosed hotel on Randle Road in Apapa Lagos on Friday.

The deceased who hailed from Benue State was married to an Igbo man.

According to a police source, the hotel staff waited for the lovers to check out of the room but after their time expired, they knocked on the door.

After repeated knocking with no answer, they forced the door open only to discover the lifeless body of Mama Joy with no visible injury.

A manhunt has been launched for Mama Joy’s alleged killer.

13 thoughts on “Mama Joy Restaurant Owner Found Dead In Apapa Lagos Hotel, Sugar Daddy Disappears

  1. More like as it is said in pigeon English “Egbe nack man dodge“
    If they had to force the door open, when then did the sugar daddy escaped and how?
    I dont want to comment much on this cos I can‘t figure out what really happened there.

    I only want to continue my stroll hunting…

    • Most of d hotels build dis day normally do hv dis inbuilt keys which u hv 2 put d key inside d door knot & roll it 4 specific number of time b4 it z unlock, so it’s possible d man locked it outside & left wit da key..which z really not easy 2 detect whether it was locked 4rm outside or inside especially wen dere z assurance tendency dat someone z inside d room

  2. This is unbelievable, how can a married woman and a mother of five still be sleeping around, well rest in peace

  3. The woman never enjoy life finish. She wants to enjoy to the fullest. How can a married woman with 5 children still be living this kind of dirty life? This is a very shameful way to die. Her husband and children must be very disappointed in the wife and their mother respectively. RIP. I pray that the killer be apprehended immediately.

  4. For sex. It is normal especially if mama Joy not strong Christian but church goer and if she is not satisfy sexually by her husband.

    I am sure on Sunday Mama Joy used to carry bible to church abi.

    It can happen to any woman who let devil into their lives. May her soul rest in peace.

  5. Dis woman z married wit five kids and she still doesn’ want 2 keep her waist one place, just imagine were it has lead her.
    And as of d man, if u re guilty of d crime d law ill soon caught up wit u

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