Man Impregnates 15-Yr Old Daughter, Forces Her To Abort Pregnancy

man impregnates daughter

Oct 8, 2012 – Man Impregnates 15-Yr Old Daughter, Forces Her To Abort Pregnancy

Emmanuel Ubom, a 42-yr old trader in Lagos state Nigeria has been arrested and charged for allegedly impregnating his 15-year old daughter, Uduaka Emmanuel 5 years after the death of his wife.

Mr Emmanuel claims he committed the immoral acts with his own daughter because she resembles his wife.

We learnt he got his daughter pregnant and forced her to abort it.

The man got busted after he was caught in the immoral act with his own daughter by a co-tenant in a face-me-face-you house located at Etegbin in Ojo, Lagos.

After several painful sexual demands from her father, troubled Uduaka Emmanuel confided in a neighbour who has been playing a motherly role in her life since the death of her mother.

After monitoring his movement for a while, the neighbour caught Emmanuel Ubom as he tries to have another sexual encounter with his daughter.

The perplexed woman quickly raised an alarm to other neighbours who dragged the sex-craze father to Ojo Police station.

Emmanuel Ubom was immediately charged to court on a one-count charge of unlawful defilement of his daughter, a crime punishable under Section 137 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2001.

In the course of his trial, the visibly remorseful man who pleaded guilty to the charge preferred against him, begged the court to tamper justice with mercy for the sake of his daughters.“I can’t deny the fact that I used to sleep with my daughter.

I don’t know what came over me; it is the devil’s work. Since I lost my wife five years ago, I have been so lonely and sexually starved, I don’t know how it all started, but my first daughter looks more like her mother; she possesses the physique and charming looks of her mother. I am so ashamed of myself; I just pray my daughters would forgive me, likewise the spirit of their dead mother,” Ubom pleaded before the court.

The police prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent Friday Ezeh, condemned the heinous act of the accused and urged the court to award the accused the appropriate punishment so as to serve as deterrent to other wayward fathers and guardians who are sexually molesting their daughters and wards under their care.

“This act is becoming more rampant in our present day society, and if severe punishment is not handed to offenders to serve as scapegoat to others, the message wouldn’t be driven home properly. Where I come from, this barbaric act of father forcefully having carnal knowledge of the daughter could lead to ex-communication or even ostracizing of the man if found guilty. Ubom shouldn’t be pitied,” he argued.

Why can’t he get a girlfriend if he is sex-starved

Wonders shall never cease in the our country o.

22 thoughts on “Man Impregnates 15-Yr Old Daughter, Forces Her To Abort Pregnancy

  1. The man is not really okay how can he have sex with his daughter…he must face the law………

  2. the world is now in shameless exhibitionalisn………….
    law is respects no one, bt God pls deliver His people. in dis end time. Imagine father goin 2 court wt his daughter "reason as a result of ;devil is really at work.

  3. Dude u r sick and need serioussssssssssssssssssssssssss help….This immoral act is becoming more and more alarming and we really need serious prayers to avoid such trend. Naijajist… welldone.

  4. Actually de man is really really stupid 2 have done such an unlawful act. Sometimes it ma be ancestral course. Nevertheless, dats his daughter so i think he needs 2 be pardoned. De government should have mercy as our Heavenly father also have mercy on us when we even do the worst dat cannot even be compared 2 what dat man has done.

  5. This man is an animal,all this are signs of end tym..d̶̲̥̅̊ end is here people! As for people wishing Jesus shuld come 2day,be prepared,Α̲̅ήϑ d̶̲̥̅̊ rest of us,save Ÿ̲Ơ̴̴̴̴͡uя soul.

  6. What will happen to the children now? The man has committed incest which is a crime against God and humanity. The law stipulates punishments for the offender, what does is provide for the victims. This man is on his way to jail, but the girl would be left alone wandering and floating. No mother and the father in jail for years, who now takes care of her and the sisters? Let somebody enlighten me please.

  7. This is a sign of the last days. Everybody should be ready for the soon coming of our Lord.The world has become worst than old Sodom and Gomorrah.May God help us.

  8. The bible says the children of Issacha understand the time they are, beloved is good 4 u if u can be like the children of Issacha in the Bible. No one knows when He will come but are u prepared? If He comes now?

  9. Dere is ntin wrong wit ƮђåƮ man, his jst ß foolish, if he is starved 4 sex, he should put sum moni he is pocket nd go out dere nd get å ω☺♏åŊ, Ȋ̝̊̅ dnt knw ωђåƮ dis world is turnin into, so so so so wrong

  10. After facing the law, he shuld be ostracise. Chai! May God ave mercy cos none is perfect….. The court shuld encourage him to marry to avoid sex starvation.

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