Man To Marry His Pet Goat In Church Of Satan; Satanic Wedding Ritual Holds In Brazil

man to marry goat satan church

Sept 10, 2013 – Man To Marry His Pet Goat In Church Of Satan, Devil’s Church In Brazil After Christian Pastors Rejected His Idea

Satanic Wedding Ritual Holds In Sao Paolo Brazil Next Month

In a bizarre twist to love story, a 74-year-old retired man from Jundiai in Brazil who recently developed an intimate feeling for his pet goat will be getting married to the animal on October 13th, 2013.

Aparecido Castaldo, a retired stone cutter reportedly fell in love with his goat 2 years ago.

The goat named Carmelita has been accepted as a step-mum by Aparecido’s 7 grown children who lost their biological mother few years back.

Due to the controversial nature of the wedding, animal rights activists are vowing to disrupt the wedding but to appease them, the goat husband-to-be said he has no plan to have intimacy with the goat.

man to marry goat brazil church of satan

He just needs a life companion and Carmelita is just perfect. “Whenever someone says I am doing something wrong I reply the goat does not speak, ask for money to go shopping and doesn’t get pregnant – and she can’t talk,” the groom-to-be praised his future wife. She does have one fault, though – she tries to eat everything, including the first wedding dress Aparecido got for her. Luckily, he was able to find another“.

On the 13th of October, Aparecido Castaldo plans to hold a wedding reception party with no goat meat on the menu.

Because Christian ministers found the idea disturbing, no church in Brazil could accept his proposal.

The rejection led him to a popular Satanic leader, Toninho do Diabo popularly called Tom the Devil. He is the founder of Devil’s church in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

”Only our church accepted this love between man and animal because we have no prejudice,” Toninho said.

Lord have mercy.

Which type of satanic idea is this? Man to marry a goat.

19 thoughts on “Man To Marry His Pet Goat In Church Of Satan; Satanic Wedding Ritual Holds In Brazil

  1. new meat has arrived for satanists.
    they go use ur goat as special meat same week that is why they accepted u.
    nothing is free when it comes to satan

  2. if you have never taking the gospel of our Lord Jesus seriously, it is time you do. Men who ignored Noah ended in the flood… Bizzered wickedness was the hallmark of men’s character before the anger of God wiped them. Jesus said that it will be like the days of Noah…. You just read one. What are you still waiting for? Run into the ark(Jesus) before the floods sweep u into eternal damnation. If you want to give your life to Christ now… See bible verse:Romans 10 vs 9… If you believe that Jesus died for your sins and God raised him… Say this: Lord Jesus, I believe you died to save me, i receive you into my life, be my Lord & saviour, I am save, Amen. If you said that from your heart, congragtulation. Welcome to the family of God. Join us and sit in the Ark and watch those who have decided to perish in the troubles coming… God bless you

  3. The man and his children are committed to the devil. Its not sheer stupidity its real. They are satanic.

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