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“Many Nigerians Have Married From Ghana, Stop Harassing Us” – NIS Under Fire

nigerians married from ghana

December 23, 2013 – “Many Nigerians Have Married From Ghana, Stop Harassing Us” – Nigeria Immigration Service Under Fire

The harassment of Ghanaians by officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service at the country’s border posts has become a major concern to the Ghanaian community in Nigeria.
In a chat with Daily Sun on the sideline of the 2013 celebration of the National Association of Ghanaian Communities in Nigeria (NAGHACON) held in Lagos, the association’s president, Mr Frank Ekow Quaye expressed worry over the poor treatment innocent Ghanaians receive from junior officers of the Nigeria Immigration Service even as they possess genuine travel documents.

Quaye alleged cases of extortion and harassment of his kinsmen. He was particular about junior officers. “Generally, the Nigeria Immigration Service has been very friendly with the Ghanaians. The relationship has remained cordial.

“But we are worried that some junior officers posted to the border have adopted various tactics to extort and harass Ghanaians. Those involved in this act have just refused to emulate their senior officers who have always demonstrated maturity and professionalism.”
He appealed to all cadres of officers of the Nigeria Immigration Service to treat Ghanaians as their brothers, stressing that the Ghanaian communities in Nigeria remain a major stakeholder in the Nigerian project.

“ Nigeria has become our second home and we are ever willing to contribute our quota to the building of a progressive Nigeria and therefore we deserve to be accorded good treatment be it at the border or any part of Nigeria,” he said.

Quaye told Daily Sun that at no time will his organization condone acts of criminality by Ghanaians resident in the country and would always cooperate with relevant authorities.
The highlight of the event was the launching of the association’s 2014 Calendar by the Chairman of the occasion and President of Lagos Chamber of Commerce, Mr Goodie Ibru, represented by his Public Affairs Adviser, Mr Charles C. Inomah.
Earlier, Quaye had, in his address, called for unity and peace among his kinsmen.

“We are perceived by our governments and people as one indivisible nation without any colouration,” he told them.
He noted that in spite of the challenges facing Ghanaians resident in Nigeria, they have continued to forge ahead.
“In spite of the challenges which confront us, it is still in order to pat our backs and say ‘Yes’ Ghanaians in Nigeria have been largely law abiding and have been able to integrate themselves into the socio-cultural milieu of our host nation.”

Paying tributes to the government and people of Nigeria, Quaye said, “Today, many of us are married to Nigerians, speak like Nigerians and dress like Nigerians, because of the excellent rapport and love our very hospitable Nigerian brothers and sisters have bestowed on us.”
The president used the occasion to correct what he described as wrong impression about the association. “…NAGHACON was created as a free born for all Ghanaians irrespective of social standing or status.

Therefore, the conception in some quarters among Ghanaians that the association is for downtrodden Ghanaians is gross fallacy.”
In his comment, the Consul-General of Ghana in Lagos, Alhaji Amadu Abukari told members of the association that the ability of the Consulate to cater for their interest depend to a large extent on the “cooperation each and every one us here gathered.”

He appealed to them to be law-abiding, noting that in recent times, there have been increasing incidences of human trafficking of young Ghanaians into Nigeria.

[By Emma Emeozor, Daily Sun]



  1. joyce williams

    December 23, 2013 at 2:09 AM

    And so what is the big deal. Nigeria Immi service have the right to maltreat you people because of the way you maltreat Nigerians in Ghana.

  2. Dupri James

    December 23, 2013 at 2:27 AM

    This is funny Ghana must go all over again hahaha

  3. Mae

    December 23, 2013 at 4:03 AM

    @joyce u r rite… D way ghanians maltreat nigerians in ghana,na only God wil help us.

  4. Ijeoma Thompson

    December 23, 2013 at 4:05 AM

    Those ugly people haven’t seen nothing yet.
    Can they remember when they told Nigerians to close their shops? Please send all Ghanaians in Nigeria back to their home. We all plenty of illegal Ghana people in Ketu and I can’t point to them
    Ghana must go o na me talk am

  5. Hon

    December 23, 2013 at 7:50 AM

    In fact,I am really disappointed towards this article.Ghanaians have asked Nigerians in Ghana to take Non Citizenship card worth of $120 after getting residence/working permit……what is meaning of this so called barbaric acts.Living in Ghana legally married with Ghanaian woman still facing difficulties here in Ghana.There was a day,driving along oxford street while Ghana Police officer stopped me and asked where is my gun cause i am Nigeria says by Ghana Police Officer.They hate Nigerians without any solid evidence.I don`t support NIS to ask for any illegal money from any Ghanaians doing their Business in Nigeria.

  6. ibrahim abdullahi musa

    December 23, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    we hav plianty illigal aliance in nigeria,but still yet the ghaniance ar not seeing what we the nigeriance are excerting patiant with there behavious and conscouse over them,let them know that we are the gartient of Afica

  7. Bezo

    December 23, 2013 at 3:43 PM

    what is Nigeria ever good Of….dey play Like kids nd extort money..why cant we better our nation nd c who would spend a dime going abroad..dis is wat u get wen u leave ur country…sorry ghanians its jst d nature

    • oluwadunni

      December 23, 2013 at 4:46 PM

      @Bezo,which bush are you from?Ghana is not abroad.Ghanians in the states are very hostile,and very unfriendly.Wicked people.very ugly,dumb ppl.

      • kk the great

        December 23, 2013 at 5:27 PM

        @Oluwadunni, who ugly pass niaja pp having both legs pointing to the same direction and with extremely big lips makes them ugly pass any other African.


    December 23, 2013 at 8:19 PM

    I am Olatunbosun Olaosebikan a Nigerian of Yoruba extraction and a partriotic Nigetian and an advocate of one indivisible united Nigerian nation. I have travelled the lenght and breath of the globe and have observed Africans living everywhere as they struggle to adopt and adapt to their new unfamilier enviroments and cultures. One fact comes clear in my observations that Nigerian are a different set of African migrants whose lifestyle marks them out clearly and differently from the rest of the parks of Africans.

    Coming closer home to Ghana; comparing the two citizens and their respect for rules and laws of their host country; the Nigerians residents in Ghana with all honesty are more notorious in breaking simple rules and laws of their host country with impunity, somethings the Ghanaian will dare not attempt in Nigeria. The Nigerian community in Ghana takes undue advantage of Ecowas trity of free movement in the sub region to commit all manner or crimes and expect Ecowas charter to provide protection.

    Quoting former Senegalese President who once said Ecowas community can be effective ONLY without the participation of Nigeria. This assertion by a former President who was an integral part of the dream of united West African economic block cannot be faulted as its begining to manifest in Nigerians wanton misbehaviour and criminal activities around West Africa and extentions; Africa and the rest of the world. Let no one blame Ghanaians for their resentment of Nigerian ways and style of aggessive approach to doing everything, this has never been their characteristics and may never be. The Ghanaian is simply agitating against what the rest of the world see as an unacceptable ways of relating to people of civilised world.

    Ghanaians are more receptive and law abiding people anywhere you find them, anyone who has been in Ghana will testify to this facts. If reports from Nigerian traders in Ghana is what informs the ante Ghanaians by Nigerian immigrations is very much ill informed and should be ignored completely.


    December 23, 2013 at 10:15 PM

    I am Olatunbosun Olaosebikan a Nigerian of a Yoruba extraction, a partriotic Nigerian and a very strong advocate of one indevisible united Nigeria. I have travelled the lenght and breath of the globe and have interacted with Africans and blacks including Nigerians wherever. My observations of Nigerians in particular gives course for concern because the average Nigerian youth not in educational establishments abroad; like other Africans tries to make a living doing menial jobs.

    A closer look at Nigerians in particular brings to focus the shere number and the regularity with which Nigerians are accused of breaking the rules and laws of their hosts community. Not all Africans are comfortable with the Nigerian aggressive nature of doing everything including business. The Nigerian stands out in his outspokeness and characteristically very loud, these are the inherent behavioural nature of Nigerialns that draws negative attentions and hatred.

    Quoting former President of Senegal, Abdulai Wade who once said the Ecowas Economic Community cannot be successful with Nigeria as a member nation, No one can completely fault a former president who was an integral participant in the actualisations of the Ecowas integration charter. Subsequent events as is being played out by Nigerians wanton disregard for local laws of their hosts Ecowas states; engage in criminal activities in disregards to the laws of host country, while quickly solicit protections under Ecowas member citizens.

    Ghanaians are, like other African countries just expressing a concern which has become the unacceptable way of Nigerian unfarmilier lifestyle. The Ghanaian is very humble and friendly towards strangers; foreigners from wherever and Nigerians inclusive. Ghanaians are calm and hard working people anywhere you find a Ghanaian.
    If Nigerian Immigrations hostile treatment of Ghanaians at the point of entry is ever true, albeit based on illinformed agitations of Nigerians in Ghana,? that could be very unfortunate because Nigerians everywhere least respect rules and regulations of their host country, and that it should not take Nigetians to introduce what has never been their lifestyle.

    The older generations of Nigerians who migrated to Ghana and other parts of West Africa long before Ecowas was born managed to integrate seamlessly with their hosts countries and in some cases have become non indegenous citizens with all the constitutional rights of an indegine. The current generations of Nigerian economic migrants be adviced and cautioned to respect the laws of host countries as much as they wish Nigeria’s integrity protected.

  10. bezo

    December 24, 2013 at 5:37 PM

    NIGERIAN Leaders are barbaric But i respect Goodluck jonathan he is a man Of peace…Ghana Now dey form America see common Ghana Ooooo make una go die abeg Nigeria is d giant of Corruption so dont mind dem sha

  11. queen

    December 24, 2013 at 9:45 PM

    @olatunbosun u are right u see sôme of nigérians are animal If u see d way dis so called immigrations junior officers d way They harasse people with geniune travel document u wil sori 4dem dey will harasse dem and send dem bk to there country ghana,togo and benin They are peaceful people bt nigerian people are something else.@hon ghanians did nt hâte nigerians it is nigérians criminal act everywhere dey go

  12. ike

    December 26, 2013 at 10:32 PM

    I am from Ghana. Honestly I see these two nations as brothers. We are very common in most of our ways. I come close to some NIgerians in Ghana. What I realise is that that money seeking people who will use whatever means possible to get it regardless whether the means be foul or fair. I became friends with a spare parts dealer called Chidi. He convinced some peolpe including myself to be guarantors to his loan facility. Because he was established here he succeeded in getting it signed not knowing he was preparing to leave for Naija….. and the rest is misery for the guarantors…still we need to love ourselves cos Ghana, Nigeria and south africa is the hope of black africans.

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