Married Nigerian Actor Charles Inojie In Paternity Mess With Abuja Lady

charles inojie paternity dna test

Jan 9, 2013 – Married Nigerian Actor Charles Inojie Impregnates Abuja Lady; Battles Paternity Scandal, DNA Test

Do you remember the story of a lady named Lynn in Abuja Naijagists exclusively shared with you last year? Read it here if you missed it.

Few days ago, the lady identified as Lynn Nguseer Adi and her baby have come forward after the newly married Nollywood actor, Charles Inojie refused to take responsibility for his action.

According to Lynn, she dated Charles Inojie for close to a year back in 2011 and when she told him she is pregnant, the actor refused the pregnancy.

Lynn accused Charles of forcing him to get an abortion which she refused.

Unfortunately for Lynn, Charles Inojie was already in a serious relationship with his now wife, Obehi Obhiseh whom he legally married back in Nov. of last year.

Obehi Obhiseh is currently in her 2nd trimester.

Lynn is accusing Charles of not calling her even after she delivered his baby.

She is challenging the actor with a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of her 3 months old baby.

19 thoughts on “Married Nigerian Actor Charles Inojie In Paternity Mess With Abuja Lady

  1. Let Charles accept d infant baby ‘since he his already newly married 2 anoda woman notin wrong if he dispice lynne as wife bt rada let him compensate her.

  2. Accept the dna test and if the child is urs then u take the baby and maybe compensate the mother as the mother of ur child.

  3. men usually pretend they love the woman before they get pregnant, it is after the woman usually know the man was just using them. to the girl, it is obvious you made a wrong decision to love the wrong guy, woman make this mistakes once in a while but when things like this happen, you have to be strong and move on not make a public show of all the mess. please take care of your child and stop wasting your money n time on a guy that has used and rejected you publicly . take care of your child and pray that God will bring your own husband one day and hand him over to God to revenge for you because when God deals with him even you will pity him. when your child grows up you will forget all the pain and thank God you decide to have the child not do the abortion he ask you too. ( to all women nobody knows which child will be the good child, not all children born into a happy family turns out to be good children, even obama( the first black president of USA ) is an illegitimate child but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get to his destination in life.(no matter how your child’s father treated you pray for your child it is your child your future).

  4. charles, i kw u 2 be a very gud actor. pls i dn’t wat you 2 give urself bad name as famous actor go 4 DNA test to prove who the rightful owner of the baby is.

  5. Charles, u’re my best artist. Just claim the child since u’re already married. Since the did has already been done

  6. Charles I think wt u shld do s to accpt dey DNA if it s real just accpt dey child and u may settle dey woman.Accpt it as fate to u cos it hapnd to 35% of men and don’t 4gt to play self.

  7. Charles, I thought you were a responsible man, if you were in a serious relationship why cheat on your woman by dating an other woman and now breeze don blow fowl yansh don open shame on you go and take care of your baby. Don’t bring the anger of God upon yourself and wife.

  8. Plz charles dnt make me hate u,,,,its beta u accept dat innocent baby,,,or else u wnt her to grow up nd hate u,,,beside dnt let God anger upon ur self!

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