I Married A Nigerian Man Who Used Me For 10 Year Green Card & Now Going After My Assets In Divorce


nigerian man used green card abandoned me

July 13, 2017 – I Married A Nigerian Man Who Used Me To Get 10 Year Green Card & Abandoned Me & My Children – US Lady Laments

He Abandoned Me & The Children & Now Going After My Asset In The Divorce

I married a Nigerian (Igbo) and he used me for a GREEN CARD. He never took me to his village and I always stayed with his sister in Port Harcourt Nigeria. He told me he has a daughter in Nigeria but the mom is dead. I never saw nor spoke to this so called daughter. I waited three years for him in the States. He now has the 10 year GREEN CARD and abandoned my children and I.

I believe he’s married and have multiple children in other countries including his own.

He’s now living his American dream and soon his family members will be living theirs as well because of my stupidity.

I knew something was wrong and still proceeded with the paperwork because I wanted to do the right thing as a “wife” with the children I regrettably made with him.

My children are “anchor” babies. He asked me for children to ensure I bring him here. Unfortunately it worked. He has a new female here, abandoned us and going after my assets in the divorce.

[Nene writes from the US]