Married Pastor Forced To Marry Corpse Of Choir Leader Who Died Of Abortion Complication

pastor forced marry corpse church memberA randy pastor

December 29, 2015 – Randy Pastor Forced To Marry Corpse Of Dead Church Member Who Died Of Abortion Complication In Eket Akwa Ibom

A self-acclaimed man of God in Eket LGA of Akwa Ibom State, identified as Pastor Augustine Mendie , is in deep trouble as he was made to marry the corpse of a female church member he had impregnated and tried to procure an abortion for.

According to the reports, the pastor who is the General Overseer of a pentecostal church in the area and married with children, is a randy man who slept with many ladies in his church, both married and single till he got his fingers burnt.

The lady who became his albatross, according to the information, was the praise and worship leader of the church but also pastor’s secret lover. No one in the church knew what was going on between them until the lady got pregnant and informed the pastor. The man who did not want to shoulder the responsibilities, decided to procure an abortion for her. Unknown to him, the lady had confided in her friend about the development.

In the process of the abortion, the pregnant lady lost her life. When the bubble burst and the friend told the family of the late woman that the pastor was responsible, all hell was let loose.

He initially tried to deny responsibility but after he was threatened with the community’s deity, he agreed that he was actually the one responsible.

To appease the gods, he was made to marry the corpse of the woman the traditional way.

[Agency Report]

6 thoughts on “Married Pastor Forced To Marry Corpse Of Choir Leader Who Died Of Abortion Complication

  1. Hope he was made to sleep with the corpse since he enjoyed her when she was alive. Stupid man of devil calling himself man of God.

  2. Am still repeating this, many churches need to be close in Nigeria people calling themselves pastor are all fake pastors and fraudsters

  3. May God expose every fake PASTORS and deliver church memembers from perishing in Jesus name… ALOT OF PASTORS WOULD LEAD A FUL CONGREGATION TO HELL…. MAY GOD PUNISH evry fake pastors..

  4. Shame on stupid girls that like sleeping with married men… She got wat she bargained for. anyway RIP!! As for the fake pastor I pity him cuz he will suffer pepertually..

  5. I would like to make a suggestion that we should stop referring these conmen as a Pastor. Calling every Dick and Harry will taint the name and reputation of fewer pastors who truly working and doing the right things in the sight of the lord. Instead of referring them as a pastor, you can assign a name like founder, i.e. Founder of a church since it is business as usual. Most of these young folks are following the steps of unscrupulous pastors who have ascended to the top ladder in a fraudulent way. A genuine pastor should never have any amorous feeling towards his church member not to talk of impregnating her. Nobody can be trusted nowadays even among the most famous ones. It is really hard to determine who the true pastors are.

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