Mary J Blige Ex Husband Kendu Isaacs Asks Court To Increase Monthly Spousal Support To $65K

kendu isaac demands more money mary j blige

January 4, 2018 – Mary J Blige Ex Husband Kendu Isaacs Demands More Money, Asks Court To Increase Monthly Spousal Support To $65,000

The estranged husband of soul singer Mary J Blige has stepped up his spousal support court case.

Martin Kendu Isaacs  said his divorce battle with his estranged wife has made him unemployable, making it difficult for him to pay his house rent.

In a statement to the court, Isaacs who is currently receiving $30,000 in monthly spousal support from his ex-wife seeks to have the court raise it to $65,000.

He added that he is helpless without the ongoing financial flow from his ex-wife of over 12 years.

Isaac said his battle to get financial support from Blige landed him in hospital because the whole process is stressful.

The estranged couple will return to court in March.

On Sunday the 7th of December 2003, Mary J married his then manager Kendu Isaacs who at that time had two children with his ex-wife and another daughter from another relationship.

In July 2016, Mary J Blige divorced him over what she termed overwhelming disrespect.

The Queen of Hip Hop soul music doesn’t have a child of her own.

6 thoughts on “Mary J Blige Ex Husband Kendu Isaacs Asks Court To Increase Monthly Spousal Support To $65K

  1. Some men are just lazy asshole. My spouse almost turned me into a koboless woman all because I pulled out of our marriage becasue he is using me. I hope the court will not grant his request. He is a lazy ass hole. He married Mary J for financial favour and not real love. I feel for u Mary, I wish you have a very good lawyer.

  2. How much is he getting from his ex-wife and from the mother of his first daughter who were obviously on the scene before he married Mary J? Since this wonder husband has made the spousal support an issue, Mary J should counter-claim that as there is no further link between them and he is adding no further value to her life, the support already given be reduced and that she not be used as the farm for her ex to harvest alimony and child support for his past relationships.
    Better still, offer him one of the numerous jobs attracting minimum wage in your entourage, just to show he is employable. He will definitely refuse that job offer and thus provide grounds for the question of his not being employed not to arise. And, pray this nuisance out of your orbit. Lazy sponger! Mchweeeew!

  3. Greed, lazy , shameless man. Be a man and get a job. He wants to live a better life at her expense. He and his useless greedy children from other mothers.

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