Fayose Dreams Big “I’ll Become A Pastor And Start A Big Church When I Retire As President”

fayose pastor start big church ministry

January 5, 2018 – Fayose Dreams Big “I Will Become A Pastor And Start A Big Church When I Retire As The President Of Nigeria”

Naija King of Controversy Ayo Fayose popularly called Oshoko by his people is dreaming big.

He has laid down his retirement plan after finishing his tenure as the President of Nigeria (in dream land).

Here is what the eloquent politician said in an interactive session with newsmen in Lagos on Thursday.

“There is nobody reasonably who doesn’t know who Ayo Fayose is and the decision to me being president is spiritual and physical on the other hand because when your time comes, it will manifest”

“I am a force God has created at this time. When I retire, I’m going to become a pastor with a very big ministry. After being president of Nigeria, I will be a pastor who will be a major force all over the world”.

Dream do come true…. Make we dey look.

6 thoughts on “Fayose Dreams Big “I’ll Become A Pastor And Start A Big Church When I Retire As President”

  1. The aspiration to big pastor with big church is a business idea for retirement days? Obviously it has little to do with the altruistic call to save souls, otherwise, why wait for all those years to retirement before starting the venture when there are so many souls to rescue and save now?

    • These Present days Pastors are interested in collecting tithe. That is why Fayose sees that as business as usual.How long would these sets of crooked and evil people continue to exploit impoverished Nigerians?. Pastorization has become a dependable retirement income for questionable people like Fayose. Nigerians should wake up to prevent being used in the name of religion. God does not needs to spend our money. He can bless you even if you don’t give him. The best way to appreciate his goodness towards you is to give the less privilege and needy. If most Nigerians can stop funding these churches, these fake Pastors will opt for another business.

  2. His false God will put him there if you guys did not vote for him. Dream is a deceiver, let him contest for president and squander monies he had embezzled from the treasury of Ekiti state. Does he still thinking that he could be elected back to that seat again in Ekiti state in case he contested Even I wonder who could be so useless to attend church which this man dreamt of establishing in case his dream came true. On that of president, he could be voted in but it would be president of farmers in his constituency. Hmmmm, this is while people indulgies in fake vision crediting it a vision from God. I wonder why pastor Bakare also said his God had commanded him to contest for president again. One needs to remember that he had contested before which resulted in failure. But that time also, he claimed that his contention then emanated from same God. What an irony of a country and its inhabitants.

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