Matharoo Sisters Declared Wanted In Nigeria For Jumping Bail After They Fled With Temporary Docs

matharoo sisters wanted in nigeria

May 19, 2017 – Canadian Citizens Matharoo Sisters Declared Wanted In Nigeria For Jumping Bail After They Fled Nigeria With Document Issued At Canadian Embassy

Lagos Court Issues Arrest Warrant For Matharoo Sisters For Jumping Bail… Nigerian Sureties Also Declared Wanted

Two notorious prostitutes arrested few months ago in Nigeria for allegedly blackmailing Nigerian oil billionaire Femi Otedola and a few others have been declared wanted in Nigeria for jumping bail.

The sisters who are both Canadian citizens were granted bail and ordered to submit their passports which they did.

They however fled Nigeria after obtaining emergency travel documents from the Canadian embassy.

When they were spotted in Toronto, they claimed that Femi Otedola has forgiven them but the case is still in court.

The duo (Kiranjot and Tara Matharoo) were declared wanted after a warrant of arrest was issued by a Yaba Chief Magistrate Court.

The court also ordered the arrest of two Nigerians who stood as sureties for the suspects after they were granted bail in December of last year.

The Interpol section of the NPF is set to issue an international warrant of arrest against the suspects.

5 thoughts on “Matharoo Sisters Declared Wanted In Nigeria For Jumping Bail After They Fled With Temporary Docs

  1. I am blame Nigeria bicos if you build fence for house, you are make the fence very high and you are also put bab wire for the fence so that thief is not jumping the fence to be entering your compand. So wire was they not make the bail to be high and also put am bab wire so that pipuls are not jumping it? If ordinary womens are jump Nigeria bail, it means say many mens have jump am everyday and nobody is knowing.

  2. As Naija is tropic and too hot for the sisters dem don jump into cooler climate leaving their sureties to stew for Nigeria.sabi person before you take dem on bail oo!!!

  3. Nigeria must be dreaming if you think these girl will ever stand trials in Lagos. Canada will protect them. They will not get a fair trial because of Otefola and the prisons are totally unsuitable for them.

  4. I can bet you, nothing will ever happen to this two notorious canadian prostitutes who are already in their home country. Do you think the Canadian embassy here in Nigeria were not aware of their case in court when it began last year? They are the ones that arranged for their exit from the country. If not, how did this two sex workers obtain and secure their emergency traveled document with the Canadian embassy here in Nigeria while their case is still very much active in the court? This is a serious blunder on our part, one that actually exposed the overall weaknesses and lack of information and coordination that should exist between our security agencies at the airport and our justice department.

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