Mbah Gotho Is Dead: Oldest Person In The World Dies At Age 146 In Indonesia

mbah gotho is dead

May 1, 2017 – Mbah Gotho Is Dead: World’s Oldest Human Being Dies At Age 146 In Central Java Indonesia

An Indonesian man who claimed the title of the oldest human alive last year has died.

Mbah Gotho who outlived his 4 wives, 10 siblings and all his children has been wishing to die since last year.

He however got his wish on Sunday the 30th of April 2017 when he gave up the ghost after refusing to eat or drink.

He was laid to rest today in a cemetery plot he purchased about 10 years ago.

On why he lasted so long, Gotho told the British Broadcasting Corporation last year that patience and love from his family was the secret of his long life.

He was a chain smoker till the day of his death.

5 thoughts on “Mbah Gotho Is Dead: Oldest Person In The World Dies At Age 146 In Indonesia

  1. Is that cigarette in his hand? The die-hard smokers will have a new reference point to continue indulging in their habit!
    RIP man.

    • Hahahahaha…. LMAO, but Mbah Gotho has just proved that cigarette can’t kill co’s I am 100% sure this man smoked all through his life and lived longer than all the siblings and children. SMOKERS NOW HAVE A GENUE EXCUSE TO SMOKE

  2. but why do people say smokers are liable to die young when dis man don smoke all through his life

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