Meet Comedian Klint Da Drunk’s Wife, Lilien (Photos)

klint da drunk wife

May 6, 2013 – Meet Comedian Klint Da Drunk’s Wife, Lilien (Pictures)

Meet Mrs Lilien, the wife of talented Nigerian comedian Klint Da Drunk.

Lilien and the comic actor have two children together.

Klint Da Drunk & Lilien

I’m pretty sure this bobo wasn’t that drunk when he met his beautiful wife.

14 thoughts on “Meet Comedian Klint Da Drunk’s Wife, Lilien (Photos)

    • How could you even think that? Any way,its yo personal opinion so i will respect it. But generally, she is a beautiful woman and even the blind can see that.

    • Ibu anuofia, anu mpama, ewu cambear, okpoko, onye iberibe. How can you ulter that nonsense? Who looks like frog? Am very sure if you see beauty, you can never recognise it, because non of your blood sisters, cousins, nieces or any relation of yours as a matter of fact is beautiful.

      Klint, my brother you have a tantalizing, beautiful, fashionable, trendy, classy infact a wife that is capable of winning any beauty pagent in the world. Congrats brother, you have a working eyes.

    • Ikegod, u did not tell her d truth. I use contact lenses and it makes my eyes red and swollen. She looks beautiful with d specs but d contact does not make her look good. Why d word fool……, U are so senseless.

  1. She no fyn,if na person her husband 4 giv names de drunk ur frog wife wowo wel she get frog eyes she bleach ,God forbid, no d show us again she too ugly.hahaaaha De Drunk sorry u mak a big mistake posting her pix here.

  2. Lilien u are gud whoeva dat says u are nt let dem create a fellow,lily and klint u are gud ,God bless ur home.

  3. Riri nd yemi so fa as i knw dat 2ru out ur liftim u cnt get a wife dat is as beauty as dat. In oda wods, u re bi i i g g fools. HAPY MARIED LIF KLINT.

  4. 9c couple wit destiny husband 4 lilien. I pray may almighty GOD b wit u 4eva. Amen

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