Meet Mr Ideal Nigeria 2013 Contestants (Photos)

mr ideal nigeria 2013 contestantsmr ideal nigeria 2013 contestants

May 2nd, 2013 – Meet Mr Ideal Nigeria 2013 Contestants (Photos)

Mr Ideal Nigeria 2013 contest is here. The 4th season of the popular contest for the hottest Nigerian men is set to hold on Sunday, May 19th, 2013 at Bespoke Events Centre In Lekki, Lagos.

Look below for the hottest guys in Nigeria presently (lol)

Mr Ogun

Mr Abuja

Mr Akwa Ibom

Mr Cross River

Mr Kano

Mr Enugu

Mr Kogi

Mr Nasarawa

Mr Kaduna

Mr Imo

Mr Bayelsa

Mr Borno

Mr Benue

Who is your favourite?

21 thoughts on “Meet Mr Ideal Nigeria 2013 Contestants (Photos)

  1. Mr, Cross River, followed by Mr. Benue, or Mr. Enugu, then Mr. Borno, Abuja, Akwa-Ibom, Kogi, Nasarawa, Kaduna/Kogi others are not qualified!

  2. Wat of Mr ABIA…? In absence of Mr ABIA…. Mr Benue got it all. The way.. The guy is indeed cute, handsome & outstandin.. Mr kogi should also b in the run up list… But Mr Borno… Mbakwa minin no… He’s indeed a boko haram

  3. mr cross river is hot, his cute, handsome, he his my man…. Der are many guy here mr cross river nd OTHERS. He got them all.

  4. It has to be Enugu because he looks like a real model, kogi looks gorgeous, and no offence to anyone but Benue’s just a preety face. But wat the heck was Bayelsa thinking?? I just puked jeez!!!!

  5. Mr Borno nd Mr Enugu are the best. They are realy luking cute nd sexy. Mr Borno am feeling ur muscles o.

  6. Most people commenting here are just picking people from their state. However to me the most handsome men in this list are Mr Akwaibom and Mr Enugu.
    Mr Akwaibom: He has a very attractive color, nice red lip and looks masculine. The structure of his face is perfect with nice toned muscles and abs. He is totally handsome.

    Mr Enugu: He is handsome too. Could be a male model. Nice facial structure and good body muscles.

    These two are the most handsome in this list and I hope the judges wouldn’t be biased as they did in the miss Nigeria contest 2012, giving us Isabelle Ayuk instead of Charles-Granville Damiete.
    Ekele m Ala Nigeria. . .

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