Meet NG’s Top 10 Commentators


top 10 commentators

January 31st, 2016 – Meet NG’s Top 10 Commentators

We want to use this medium to appreciate all readers of this blog.

In fulfillment of our promise, we will like to recognise our top 10 commentators in the past one month.

The top 10 commentators in January are:

Sola Olaniyi, Amazon, Olanrewaju, Chyna, xty, Metu Nyetu, Ms Eranko **wink**, Jacob Flow, Egberri Mama 1 and Omokehinde.

Please if you are one of the above commentators please confirm with us at

We will send you instruction on how to claim your prize for the month.

Important: We will only acknowledge the email you used in leaving comments on this site.  So ensure you email us from the same email you used in leaving comments on the site.

To all other users, we are using this monthly award to promote readers engagement.

This is an ongoing monthly award.

We will appreciate another top 10 commentators in February 2016.

With your engagement, we plan to make this top 100, top 1000 commentators as we move forward.

Thank you.