Meet Rita Dominic’s Family Members (Her Brother & Sister)

rita dominic brother

Oct 8, 2013 – Meet Rita Dominic’s Brother & Sister (Pictures)

Pictured on the left above is Nollywood actress Rita Dominic‘s elder brother, Mr Valentine Dominic who became a year older on Monday the 7th of October 2013.

The actress honoured her brother when she showed up in a traditional attire.

Rita Dominic also shared photos of herself having dinner with one of her sisters and some nieces in London UK.

rita dominic niecesRita Dominic with sister and her nieces

rita dominic sisterRita Dominic with her London-based elder sister

The star actress is really enjoying her time off in the UK.

16 thoughts on “Meet Rita Dominic’s Family Members (Her Brother & Sister)

  1. Rita man is good looking just like her,nice 1,pls kindly get marry and have 1 ot 2 kids,gettintg to 40 still single.

  2. Oyinbo and Mrs Jibowu and anointed, he could be his real brother. You people always have evil taught in everything. it is very wrong. What made you to think valentine is not Rita brother? What is wrong in the way valentine is holding Rita. You people should free Rita.

  3. the reason why u dint notice their resemblance is that the man is dark in completion but if u look at him very well he is having rita’s nose

  4. My younger brother does not look like me. so,why saying he’s not RITA’s brother.why not believe and celebrate with her?

  5. Sweet heart pls 4get about what they are all saying, u can still get married @ de age of 50 if u want but pls remember dat tym wait 4 no man i luv u 07063291751@ Rita

  6. It`s has always been my dream of becoming an actor some day in life, but why is it dat de lyf`s of our actor nd actress are full of divorce. Rita pls would u be my bride, call me and let start sumtyn seriouse. And let`s see what de year will give birth to.

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