Meet Saidi & Fathia Balogun’ Kids: Nigerian Movie Producer Flaunts Children From Ex-Wife

saidi balogun children

Sept 22, 2013 – Meet Saheed & Fathia Balogun’ Children: Nollywood Movie Producer Flaunts Kids From Former Marriage

Nigerian movie producer Saidi Balogun aka Saheed has revealed the cute pictures of his 3 children for the first time since he divorced his wife.

The 2 beautiful girls and a boy pictured above are the product of Fathia Balogun and Saidi’s marriage of many years that crumbled on the ground of infidelity.

According to insiders the excited father recently spent some quality time with his children and he couldn’t but share their lovely pictures.

fathia balogun kids

Why can’t this couple work out their differences for the sake of these innocent children.

Nollywood movie fans worldwide have been soliciting for the couple’ reunion since their bitter separation few years ago.

Check out a photo make of Fathia and Saidi’s reunion below

Let Fathia and Saidi Balogun give peace a chance for the future of these kids.

That boy is a carbon copy of his mother.

42 thoughts on “Meet Saidi & Fathia Balogun’ Kids: Nigerian Movie Producer Flaunts Children From Ex-Wife

  1. I support their reunion all the way by the way why did they end their relationship
    Either of them is selfish these kids need love and support at this stage of their life. Saheed please think twice

  2. uncle Saheed is a womanizer I hear he frustrated Fathia to end this relationship
    Let Fathia find it in her heart to forgive him

  3. Yes I will advise the couple to reconcile and give peace a chance. You two are a good match. Give the children a sense of security by coming back together.
    There is nothing out there that you can not have inside both of you. If you love someone, you will not cheat on them.
    Kiss & make up God bless you two & your beautiful, gorgeous children.

  4. I think they should give themselves time to let this problem die down , at
    least for some few years , this would allow them to play about and learn more about life , because it is the best teacher , their love die because both of them are too smart and if you are too smart , your marriage will never work , they have nothing to lose , they are professionals , they can still come back when they grow old , when there is nothing left out there , but now they need to go and experiment , and learn more about life

  5. @mrs Ohio, Pls delete this trach u wrote their, don’t you know that delay is dangerous, Again, out of sight is out of mind. Pls saidi and Fathia settle your differences and come together for the sake of your 3 angels. Devil is just a deceiver and he is just playing tricks on you guys and when you will realize it things may have gone too wroung. My dear, I beg u in the name of the Lord, go back to ur wife, swallow every shame for u are the man and she bears ur name. I had a friend who had this type of problem, he realized himself late, regretted his actions,and died shortly b/cos his complicated issues.

    • I could see that you people do not want to believe in reality, this is reality, their problem is not the work of devil , it is the work of sex , and if the feeling is not there anymore , it is better you let it go , until when the body and soul restore themselves , that is when you come back together , how can you be with a man who has gone to enjoyed himself with a lot of women and there is no sparm for in his storage , them when he is beside you , and you are trying to make love to him , he scream hard , hoh please , SE O MO PE O RE MI, PLEASE LET ME SLEEP, AND exactly what FATIA IS GOING THROUGH , BECAUSE I INTERVIEW HER SPIRITUALY , AND SHE TOLD ME THAT HER HUSBAND ABANDONED HER ON BED , AND IF HE MANAGE TO MAKE LOVE , HE WILL ONLY HAVE SEX, BUT REFUSED TO MAKE LOVE TO HER , BECAUSE SAID IS A WOMAN EATER. SO FATIA NEED TO GO AND EXPERIMENT AND HAVE ENOUGH AS A REVENGE OF HOW SAID TREATED HER , FATIA IS A NICE AND A SAINT , WHO LOVE SAID SO MUCH , AND SHE HAS HAD ENOUGH, AND THIS IS HER TIME TO GO AND HAVE A SPECIAL CUDDLE WITH MR POWER HORSE AND SHARP SHOOTER. I KNOW ALL OF YOU WILL CALL ME ALL SORT OF NAME , I DO NOT MIND IF YOU SAY , MADAM OHIO IS A FURKING COUNT OR A WHORE HARHA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA HAR

      • Mrs Ohio, Its very clear that you were raised by ur mum alone, and i want to believe u r raising ur children all alone…Uhmmm…Good of you. Pls reserve ur advice for your children and don’t mislead others…Punk ass you are. I know saheed slept with you, that was why u believed what the wife said to u. Eranko.

        • This is mrs Eranko, infact , i have change my name from now to eranko, if you know saidi , please phone him and confirm that , was he in london weeks ago at a part dancing with someone , and we ended up on the bonet, when we both got heavily drunk , so saidi have got a lot of women to serve , and when he go back home nothing left in his sparm bank, this is MRS ERANKO THE MAN EATER

  6. I’d admonish the couple to bury the old hatchet in that both of them have their fair share of mistakes.For the sake of the children it advisable you both walk back to each other’s arms and share joy together with your children.

  7. D 3 kids re nt from Fathia,she has 2 children 4 him while d remaining one is a product from his 1st wife.Will be so happy if dey can come back 2geda oh cos i used 2 admire dem a lot

  8. Is easier said dan done. is better to stay away dan 2 be in hell in d name of marriage. mine is, in everything put God first

  9. am a product of broken home n i knew coming from such background is hell. Pls walata should becos of those kids swallow his pride. Am nt shiftin blame here bt it is a tin most we men did in privacy bt deny in public is apologize 2 our wife. As 4 me i do beg my wife even prostrate 2 beg her 4 my children sake . I don’t want my kids 2 taste the broken part of life. Apologize 2 ur wife doesn’t take anytin frm u bt add many tin 2 ur statu. Already u are a role model 2 millions of people. Pls walata, 4 God sake there is nothin special outside. If u marry another woman she can’t bear u better kids than these lovely kids. Pls put the devil into shame.


  11. I wish these great couple will come together for the sake of their family, not to forget both of them are good role model to some people if they make a comeback then so many Nollywood marriages will also see it as a good example to follow.

  12. I can’t wait for this couple to get together, i love them so much that i even dreamt that i was in their midst begging them to reconcille with each other last week. PLS,come together for God’s sake.

  13. I so much love Aunty Fatia so much,if Said realises what he has lost he would quickly get on his knees and seek for his wife’s forgiveness and I know she will accept him back.
    I find it difficult to understand men,while they av gold @home they will be running after rubbers out,I can’t even imagining that ugly lady that cause this whole problems.Sometimes I blame women for men’s infidelities because you as a lady when u know that a man is married and come ur way why don’t you turn him down instead of spoiling his sweet home,if u have pride u as a woman u won’t sleep with another woman’s husband but if u so much derive plesure in having affairs with married men my dear fellow woman u will never experience what is called a :HAPPY HOME when u later get married

  14. pls settle this matter for God sake think about this beautiful childrens pls i love both of you settle this matter and put satan to shame there is no new thing is normal this kind of situation to happen but try to forget mr mrs we love you

  15. Pls an pls bro saheed and anuty fathia come back 2gether as a hubby an wife 4 d sake of your lovely kids and your family

  16. Pls don’t deprive these lovely kids their parental love , kindly come back. Both of u are good match. Forgive urselves.

  17. pls i beg both of you in the name of God, settle your differences for the sake of these children. To Faithia, i have to say this to you, a wise woman builds her home while the foolish one tears it apart! Marriage is never bed of roses, we all have our differences and room for settlement otherwise, these children won’t forgive u.

  18. Mrs Eranko or whatever ur name is…with due respect u are saying rubbish.I blif u shld knw more that we do.Baami walata,pls if nt for anythn but for d sake of this innocent kids.pls forget ur past and come together as one.This children needs parental care.

  19. I really do lv u both as individuals n dfinitely as a couple.evry marriage is dynamic n comes wit its own challenges.I was glad wen I heard on JARA dat d both of u will b in a movie 4d 1st time after ur breakup. Plz c dis as a divine interventn 4ur reconciliatn…..I lv u both n u make a perfect couple indeed!

  20. hmmmm—-oga ooo-if probably–they will read all dis comments it will be better-but my comment is—HAVE U EVER ASK THE COUPLE THE REASON FOR THE SEPARATION??????that the ultimate question one need to ask before commenting—we dont knw rather–sooooooooooooooooooo-me just passingby ni ooooo-

  21. It’s not an easy stuff especially children not to be seeing d happiness of their parent, I would advice both o them to come together fr d sake of deir children.

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