This Has To Be The Most Ambitious Teenager In Nigeria

samuel robinson

April 5, 2017 – This Has To Be The Most Ambitious Teenager In Nigeria

Meet Samuel Robinson, The Most Ambitious Teenager In Nigeria Planning To Borrow N20Million From Fidelity Bank

So I came upon a post this morning On twitter where 18year old Actor Samuel Robinson asked with Such Audacity “Who has 20 million naira burning a hole in their pocket, Give me and I’ll return 1 Billion in 2 years”

I was stunned to see that such a young man could have such confidence, at first I thought it was a joke but he’d apparently serious and one of Nigeria’s primer banks Fidelity Bank has sent responses to him.

I think this is such a positive motivation for the youths that being young is no excuse to dream Big. Even if he doesn’t get the money, I’m sure this will inspire a lot of young Nigerians to step up. We need more youths thinking like this to move Nigeria forward instead of waiting on the Government.

At age 18, this boy can already speak English, Yoruba, French, German and Spanish. He just might be on to something… Maybe our Nigeria Bill Gates in the making LOL

Attached are screenshot of what Samuel posted and Fidelity Bank’s response (which he also posted on his Instagram)

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