Meet Wizkid’s Mixed Girlfriend, Tania Omotayo’s American Dad (Photo)

tania omotayo parents

June 18, 2013 – Meet Wizkid’s Half-Caste Girlfriend, Tania Omotayo’s White Father (Picture)

Tania Omotayo, the girlfriend of Nigerian singer Wizkid was born to a Nigerian woman and an American man.

The half-caste lady who is currently in the United States Of America stayed with her dad all through yesterday.

She was so proud to have flaunt her dad for the whole world to see with the exception that she covered his face. She is just too afraid of him getting criticized by Nigerian folks.

So why share it if you’re afraid of criticism.

Some ladies sha!

17 thoughts on “Meet Wizkid’s Mixed Girlfriend, Tania Omotayo’s American Dad (Photo)

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  1. Most ppl dnt really knw dat d tag, ‘HALF-CASTE’ is a derogatory & taboo slang. Mixd race is far beta 2say.

  2. Wizkid what is ur problem like one n gv the rest do u wnt 2 marry hundred life wel is nt ur fault i wl nt blame u is hw yourba men does but remember u r a destiny child dnt let any body 2 fool u around

  3. Why share the picture when u don’t want us to see it? Even if he ain’t handsome, he can’t be as bad as ‘Uncle Sege’!!

  4. Bi-racial, multi-racial is more appropriate. Here in the US the term “half-caste” is totally frowned upon, it sounds derogatory.

  5. I just dont get it, whats the point of sharing the headless picture? afraid Nigerian folks will criticize yo dad….what the heck??”

  6. wat a shame dat u re not proud of showin ur dad’s face.. nemesis ll surely catch up wit u, wen ur children starts covering ur face n keep hiding 4 the world…… shhhhhhhhhhhhhh to wizkid not reliable

  7. U ar covern ur fathers face bc of critisism,what ar u nw seeing here isn’t it d same tin,may be he is nt ur father……

    • i get too see if i may know your age nothing show up please may know your age, never mind text that to my email hun

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