Meet Woman With World’s Longest Hair In 2013 At Length 14 Feet, Dai Yueqin (Pictures)

worlds longest hair woman 2013

Jan 30, 2013 – Miss Dyq: Meet Woman With World’s Longest Hair In 2013 At Length 14 Feet, Dai Yueqin (Pictures)

Meet Dai Yue Qin, the current Guinness world’s record holder for World’s longest hair in 2013.

Popularly called Miss Dyq, the beauty queen was born in April 1964 in China. Her bizarre hair growth pattern started at the age of 14.

Her thick long black shiny hair got the attention of everybody around her. She later worked at a carpet factory in Suzhou before relocating to her hometown where she worked at a popular hotel.

 As her hair-length of 3,30 meters raised more and more attraction she
joined several long hair competitions and has won prizes till now. In
2001 she moved to the U.S. where her friend lives. In 2005 she visited
her family and friends in China and again attended some contests and
long hair shows.

According to her, it takes around one to two hours to comb her hair tresses which are 420 cm in length now (almost 14 feet!). The washing part takes around 5 to 6 hours.

She is not complaining as a proud Guinness book of world’s record holder.

See more photos of world’s longest hair 2013 below.

Woman With World’s Longest Hair 2013 Pictures

38 thoughts on “Meet Woman With World’s Longest Hair In 2013 At Length 14 Feet, Dai Yueqin (Pictures)

  1. So 2 hours everyday just to comb the hair! i love long hair and i wish i had, but not this one…….
    Thank God for her gift.

    • Dnt b foold! Wat normal woman would eva spend 2hrs just combin a hair, or lavish 6hrs washing it if all dat stress is not a sacrifice 2 somthing biga dan herself? Dis is how she worships dat thing 4 cryn out loud!

  2. Mehn,na history she create oo. Mk una no jealous,even if una (ladies) keep una hair 4 100yrs,una hair no go grow lik dt… Leave d chinese lady jor…

  3. The hair of a woman is her glory, as for me i can’t even jealous this one becaus is a heavy load,
    I thank God for the little one He gave me.

  4. I have very long blonde hair .It takes a lot of time to take care of it wouldn’t have it any other way. I do envy women with tasteful shorter hair because it’s easier to take care of. I do enjoy having my hair carried by an admirer.Every length of hair can be beautiful .I love women with beautiful hair.The hair the hair the lips thrills. I was blessed with both in excess.Yea! 14 feet of hair would be too much for me unless I Hastie staff to take care of it.. The Chinese lady that holds record is beautiful and very special woman. I love to talk to her.

  5. It’s really amazing am just shotrt of words,for her to kept that hair to such extent mehnnn it’s not easy. But my question is this, headache no dey worry that woman?

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