Mega Gospel Awards 2014: Season 2 Of Nigerian Gospel Talent Hunt Show Debuts


mega gospel awards

August 1st, 2014 – Mega Gospel Awards 2014: Season 2 Of Nigerian Gospel Talent Hunt Show Debuts

Names of several top gospel artistes have been revealed as being part of the second edition of the MEGA gospel awards. According to information from the secretariat of the awards founded by media executive, Femi Akintunde-Johnson, albums of the likes of Tope Alabi, Yahweh Voices and Kenny Koreh are among the scores of entries being considered.

The secretariat notes that more than 80 per cent of the works were voluntarily submitted by copyright owners, producers, directors and/or managers in response to our call for entries for MEGA 2014.

It adds, “The few others were shortlisted from a large pool of acquired works whose owners were severally contacted to ascertain the dates of release or publishing so as to conform with our stated time frame of May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014. Among other reasons, this list is to avail participating artistes the opportunity to raise any issues, concerns, clarifications, objections, further enquiries on whatever catches their interest. “Correspondence with artistes shall stem from works which scale the first and second levels of screening – called pre-nominations. Successful works will then move to the public domain (PV – Public Voting) which shall last at least six weeks. At the PV level, fans and admirers of pre-nominated artistes/songs shall be encouraged to vote actively as the PV accounts for 10 per cent of total aggregation.”

It adds that it is the award’s desire that the result of these activities will further deepen the professionalism of “divine talents and the spirituality of the creative process – such that the end of the matter will inspire humanity, and exalt the mighty name of the Most High.”

Meanwhile, Femi Akintunde, popularly called FAJ, has stressed that the focus of the competition is to expand the fortune of gospel singers.

He said at a recent MEGA event, “As a result of our encounters and experiences from the maiden edition last year, we have realised that there are indeed some wonderful success stories in our entertainment community (especially the faith-based variant). By recognising and promoting their achievements, and the organisations and individuals behind them, we hope to set higher standards, encourage best practices, build and strengthen positive, character-moulding entertainment in Nigeria.

“Yet, we know that countless artistes are wasting away for lack of adequate and sustained exposure and appreciation. Our media, as if by collective indignation, consign stories, airplay and programmes that have any hint of “gospel” to weekends – often only Sundays. This attitude is largely influenced, we believe, by the belief that “gospel music” needs to be “helped” until it acquires the quality and prevalence of mainstream music. How awfully wrong!

“Showing the world the unbelievably rich diversity, profundity and “hook-ability” of the melodies and compositions of Nigerian gospel artistes is to us a task that must be accomplished in the shortest time possible.”