400-Member Gay Club Found In Makurdi, Benue State (It’s Called Men Sleeping With Men)

member sleeping with men gay club

March 16, 2013 – Secret Nigerian Gay Club With 400 Members Discovered In Makurdi, Benue State

Men Sleeping With Men, A 400-Member Gay Club Discovered In Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

A shocking discovery of a secret gay club called Men Sleeping with men, MSM has been discovered in Makurdi, the capital city of Benue State.

According to Mrs Grace Wende, the Executive Secretary for BENSACA, an agency in charge of Aids Control in the state, MSM currently has 400 members in the state capital as we speak.

She further said Men Sleeping with men gay club has a large base of male students from various universities in Benue State.

Below is what Grace Wende said to journalist in Benue yesterday.

“MSM club was discovered during an Epidermic appraisal carried out by our Canadian partners in colloboration with BENSACA following the state government’s resolve to fight the increasing trend of HIV/AIDs in the state as shown in 2011 survey.

”In fact my office is already interacting with the group of young men who are mostly undergraduates in various higher institution of learning located in the state.”

Mrs Wende who said the 400-member secret gay club, MSM usually meet in December further said “there is a heightened need for scale-up of effective and efficient HIV prevention efforts in the state if we must all win this war against the virus.”

Why Secret Gay Club?

They kept it secret because homosexuality in Nigeria is a criminal offence that carries 14 years imprisonment.

Lord have mercy!

18 thoughts on “400-Member Gay Club Found In Makurdi, Benue State (It’s Called Men Sleeping With Men)

  1. A CONDOM – using for men & men — or men & woman – will not spred the HIV-VIRUS to each other. This is my only message to the people who are having sex to each other.
    Get knowledge about HIV/ AIDs. Search first in wikipedia.

  2. Their end is always terrible.By the time the are 50years that place can no longer hold feces again they will be wearing diaper or end up having colostomy Big shame.

  3. Benue state nearly become SODOM & GOMORAH .No wonder thats why she is leading in HIV/AIDs in NiG patiets with 704,635 folow by Ogun state .Churches,Ministries & iindividual let us rise to preached the goodnews

  4. Truely the world is really coming to an end. Imaging this kind of Satanic act, a man having sex with a fellow man, this is a taboo and a disgraceful thing before the lord. God’s wrath will surely burn these demonic agents. If God had wanted man to man affair, he would not have made a woman for him, why should people allow themselves to be use for the sake of the kindom of darkness? unless they repent, they will all burn in hell along side their master.

  5. Yetty not even 50yrs is too long,when they start doing that for 5 to 10yrs,they need diapers like a baby,cos that place has open to no repair + HIV_Aid virus,my problem is some will still want to sleep with women they call themself bisexual,which is more dangerious,cos they transfar their HIV virus to women and the women transfar to other innocent men.let them cut off any men sleep with men their penis off,is better than 14 yrs in jali,cos in prison they do it more,cos no chance for women.

  6. God! Wht is dis wrld turnin in2? A man sleepin wit a fellow man, hw do dey even start getin attractiv 2 each oda. D term of servic need 2 b xtended 2 21 yrs in prison wit hard labour. Or beta stil jst castrate any 1 cought in dat act.

  7. One thing that bafles me is that on sunday u stil see them dress like a responsible fellow in the congrigation while the preaching goes on,GOD have mercy upon ur children let the god of this world that has blinded their be open now in jesus name amen

  8. D president N state governors concerned should nt fold their hand 2 watch what pple will say,or else we will say dat they are member,firstly gov,Fashola of lagos to deal with gay club founder in lagos Jide macauley,while Benue gov should bring dis 400 N others to book,Nigerian can tolerate dis evil act.

  9. i tears!each time i hed abt men sleepin wit men,it’s horrible!and i beliv demon lives in dem no dout abt it,d wold is really comin 2 an end.

  10. For get all dis tins u people are saying,sleeping with men is not thier fault,is sometin in them and dat is the way which they are created,do u think is easy to change nature,that is the way they are created!they dont go to market and buy it,is a homones in them,even is thier in sodom and gorah,so u can blame them,u should be thinking of hw to solve issues not to condem it,and thr is no demond in gaynism or lesbianism.is not thr fault,u peolpe shuld take it or live it,and their is no family without gay or lesbian,u take it or u live it,pls allow them,u people shuld only allow them.adive them not to do it exposed

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